Fixtures & Results for the 2004 season

Where available you can see match reports by clicking on a highlighted date or game scorecards by clicking on a result (n.b. not all matches have been/will be chronicled due to a "winning" combination of strong drink, idiocy & midges)

Following last years pathetic attempts to keep the site up to date your complaints have been noted. So this year your humble scribe has made it his mission to keep y'all updated ! Hopefully this means we'll have at least a report from each of our games so if I'm not doing my job let me know !

But that's enough of this rubbish, the audience is getting restless so, without further ado, here's da swag:

Date Venue Opposition Result Comments
22/04/2004 Away Land Registry Lost Egad... Another season starts and we're off with a resounding thud. The hapless Jollys can only watch as Tucker hits a century to give us our first defeat of the season.

Our only small consolation was Lord Stoddards 3 wicket haul as we emulate the great Norwegian eurovision tradition of taking "null points" (That last bit is best read using a bad french accent ;).
28/04/2004 Away South Shore Shovellers Lost Well after being bowled out for a mere 70 runs what could we expect to do ? The amount of ducks on display (5) would make a farmer happy but it's no way to win a cricket match. Not only that but having now worked round the Spanish camera issue then the batteries go flat mid match so it's another week of poor camera action. Utter botheration all round.
05/05/2004 Away (Cup) Warbreck Hill Lost Botheration. Although I wasn't at the game I do believe that, despite us scoring a very respectable 120 runs, it was another "fine" loss. And if the rumours are to be believed then hopefully there will be some pictures coming my way during the week. Stay tuned for further details.
13/05/2004 "Home" Nights Of Bacchus Lost Another game, another loss. And although this was supposed to be our first home game Thornton Cricket Club gave their juniors preference so we had to give away home advantage and reschedule the game for the Nights home ground.

As was expected this didn't help one bit and a strangely disspirited Jollys lost again - despite batting first and posting a very reasonable 109. More dropped catches and a worrying lack of the Jolly spirit made this a rather damp day out...
20/05/2004 "Home" Kirkham Swifts Lost Well what a poorly attended match this was. Due to a series of holiday blunders the Jollys were reduced to 9 men for the game. But we didn't expect the Swifts to only have 10 ! So a sparsely contested game saw the Swifts victorious and the Jollys slump to our fifth loss of the season. Coupled with this being another "home" away game it was all a bit of a disaster. Bums...
27/05/2004 Away The Dunes Lost Another fine mess for the Jollys as we crash to our sixth defeat of the season. And still without a home game to our names. Looks like we'll be sacrificing some more effigies this week.
03/06/2004 Home Layton Institute Drew rain.gifWell the rain meant there was no action this week so, despite Fortress Thornton, being available we get 2 points. Not very satisfactory though as we know we're due a win soon !
10/06/2004 Home (Cup) South Shore Shovellers Lost Well it was a fine performance in our first home game but we just couldn't match the Shovellers total. A fighting Jollys go down to our first home defeat of the season
16/06/2004 Away Warbreck Hill WON Can you believe it ??? Our first win of the season !!! Roll out the barrel 'cause the rest of the season starts here !!!
24/06/2004 Home Land Registry Drew rain.gif Well thanks to a combination of the utterly useless "Ing-Ur-Lund" football yobbos getting to the quarter finals of Euro 2004 plus a spectacularly wet day there was no match this week.

And confusion reigns as to whether the match was rescheduled or simply put down as another rain assisted draw. So for now I've assumed it's a draw but we may be playing it another day !
01/07/2004 Home South Shore Shovellers Lost The timeless beauty of the summer game was this week interrupted by strange beasts from beyond the stars whose infernel machinations caused a weakened Jollys to fall to yet another loss. Look that's the best excuse we've got and we're sticking to it.
08/07/2004 Home The Dunes (cup) Drew rain.gif Boo... another game is lost to the slow rummer rains of the great Northern wastes. And no doubt this means the midges at Fortress Thornton will have plenty of puddles to breed in. Ho hum... best stock up on the repellant then (but you already are repellant - ed)
14/07/2004 Away Nights Of Bacchus WON Oh my word, the Jollys take maximum points from the hastily rescheduled "Summer of 99" special !
22/07/2004 Away Kirkham Swifts Drew rain.gifWell after last weeks win a resurgent Jollys were looking forward to this match but sadly we were once again foiled by the summer rains. But the good news is that those of us who came out anyway had a lovely plate of assorted sandwiches in the Old Town Hall. Oh well onward to next week !
29/07/2004 Home The Dunes Lost Well what a bloody disgrace. For the first time in the history of the Jolly Boys we had to forfeit a match due to not being able to field a team (apparently we only had 7 players available) What sort of attitude is that ? I thought the game was called off due to the rain as if I'd have known otherwise I would have turned out on my own. We could have played with seven men (or at least turned up to watch rain stop play).

It's a complete bloody disgrace and is the worst day in the history of the Jolly Boys.
05/08/2004 Away Layton Institute Drew rain.gifWell we never did get to play on the model village green as once again rain prevented play. So the tail end of the season is rapidly becoming a total washout ! Ho hum...
19/08/2004 Home Warbreck Hill Drew rain.gifAn absolute disaster as, even without the rain on the day, the pitch would have been too waterlogged for us to play. So what a disastrous season it was. Ho hum... I suppose this means it's onwards to next year...

Final Table For The 2004 Season

Position Team Played Won Lost No Result Drew Batting Points Bowling Points Points
1 The Dunes 14 12 0 2 0 10 9 71
2 South Shore Shovellers 14 11 2 1 0 10 10 66
3 Layton Institute 14 6 3 5 0 6 4 44
4 Nights Of Bacchus 14 3 6 5 0 6 2 30
5 Land Registry 14 3 6 5 0 6 1 29
6 Warbreck Hill 14 3 8 3 0 6 4 28
7 Jolly Boys 14 2 8 4 0 4 3 23
8 Kirkham Swifts 14 1 8 5 0 4 0 18

The Mick Potts Memorial Awards

Batting: Nadeem (South Shore Shovellers)

Bowling: P. Noon (South Shore Shovellers)

Top Batsmen

Position Name Innings Not Out Runs Average High Score
1 Nadeem (South Shore Shovellers) 9 5 362 90.50 88*
2 D. Tucker (Land Registry) 7 3 281 70.25 101*
3 M. Clinning (The Dunes) 6 2 201 50.25 56*
4 C. Stanhope (Layton Institute) 7 1 269 44.83 81
5 C. Burns (South Shore Shovellers) 10 6 145 36.25 42*

* indicates the batsman was not out

Top Bowlers

Position Name Overs Runs Wickets Average Best
1 P. Noon (South Shore Shovellers) 24 146 18 8.11 4-11
2 S. Norris (South Shore Shovellers) 16 101 12 8.41 3-12
3 I. Palmer (The Dunes) 25 152 17 8.94 4-10
4 M. Finch (Layton Institute) 22 99 11 9.00 4-26
5 M. Clinning (The Dunes) 27 143 14 10.21 4-5

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