The Jolly Boys vs Nights Of Bacchus 13/05/2004

13th May 2004 home to the Nights Of Bacchus

Well thanks to Fortress Thornton double booking us with their juniors we're forced to re-arrange our first home game of the season giving up home advantage in the process. So although this is technically a home game we were actually away. So now that that's clear let's get on with the game.

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was chip butties !


Once again we lose the toss and are put in to bat by the Ker-Naughty Ker-Niggets (they must have been in a hurry for a curry) Taking up the challenge Stewey starts off with an excellent shot. It's just a shame there was no ball involved as the game hadn't started yet.


Moments later and the action begins. A fine defensive shot from Jolyon sets out our stall and lets the Ker-Niggetts know we mean business.


Well the actions hotting up but the lads are having none of it. Ignoring the heroics on the field a small discussion breaks out as to what's best for tea. chips, rice, half and half or noodles ?.


The Jollys gather outside the, sadly closed, bar. Note the metal grille over the windows which aren't there to stop the balls breaking them. Oh no, they're to stop the thirsty sportsmen getting in.


Blimey, a quick look behind the bar and we find an enchanted pond (it must be enchanted as there's not a duck in sight - either on the pond or on the pitch) But can we harness the power of the magic swan and keep both pond & field duck free 'til the end of the innings ?


Thanks to the 6x zoom on Stus camera you can actually see the ball in this picture as Dave plays a suprisingly good stroke for a smashing 4 !


Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa. Our offerings of stale sandwiches bring a boon from the magic swan and the Jolly innings finishes duck free !!! Moments later Dave's now behind the stumps where he ignores the action in favour of a spot of body popping.


Great big bums.... The so called "magic" swan realises we've given him stale bread and with one flap of his wings the Ker-Naughty Ker-Niggets release a torrent of fours upon our heads. So there were no more pictures worth looking at as they mostly consisted of a lone cricket ball silhouetted against a clear blue sky as the Ker-Niggets smash it onto the bowling green, the allotments and pastures beyond.

Our total is breached with two overs to spare and a dejected Ogs sums up the defeated Jollys by marching off the field without so much as a raspberry towards the elated Ker-Niggets. Great big spandex clad bums to the lot of you.

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