28th April 2004 away to the South Shore Shovellers

The second game of the season sees another "glorious" defeat for the mighty Jolly Boys. And in utter disgrace we're even all out (which in fairness is a bit of a rarity these days). Five ducks between us though so what can we expect ? Once again it looks like the only way is up (ho ho ho - ed.)

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was chip butties !


Our umpire returns after a series of heart attacks. Despite our best efforts (and offers of cash) he refuses to say that they were due to the excitement on the field. Beware also Scotty "Bubs" who is having a crafty look at "umps" counting coins (there's an Anglo bubbly to be had out of that lot he thinks to himself)


Having lost the toss we're batting first. Ten minutes later there's beer on the table and our wickets are falling like nine pins. Still the lads try to stave off the effects of a biting wind by keeping warm with a spot of pocket billiards.


Yowsa ! A half decent action shot. Russ prepares to face by angling his bat ready for "the waft" (tm).


And it's business as usual for Dave who claims that a vole distracted him by running in front of the ball. Stuey is having none of it and insists it was a field mouse.


Oh so close. After another mighty swing from Ian Newman (no relation to Gary but we all whistle "cars" at him anyway) a gallant South Shore Shoveller misses another catch. Oh how we cheered (being the worst catchers in the league we know just how he feels !)


Well the batteries on my camera gave out shortly after the last shot and it took until after the game to find the spares. But as it was an awful defeat we thought we'd take your minds off it with a lovely picture of a Blackpool sunset. Claims that this is actually the results of a large fire at the council tyre dump have not been proven :)

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