16 June 2004 away to Warbreck Hill

Well this weeks fixture saw us away at Warbreck Hills excellent sporting facilities (courtesy of the tax payer of course) We've won here in the past so can we get it together and claw a first victory of the season ? The evenings lovely, the lads are keen and there's no bar to distract us (oh wait a minute... people have brought their own) Let's get on with the game !!!

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was chip butties


Well I know Warbreck Hill have a lovely ground but this is ridiculous. And just look at that crowd cheering the teams on to the pitch from the members pavillion (how long has that been there ?) Is there free beer or something ? Anyway I don't recognise any of the fielders so I'm assuming we've lost the toss and have been put in to bat ?


Two overs into the game and this looks like the worst case of "bring on the ringers" we've seen yet (and believe me we see a lot of that in our league) Who on earth's bowling ? More to the point I certainly don't recognise our batsman - especially not from that mighty blow anyway.


Oh I am an idiot... I've completely forgotten... Due to a double booking we're actually at the Lancahire vs Yorkshire C&G quarter finals. So that explains the unseemingly high standard of play (plus the crowds and pavillion). I guess the splendid breakfast wine we've had got me all confused for a minute.


Ah yes. There I am all boozed up in the sun ably accompanied by Al who's looking rather pleased with himself. And no wonder as the rest of the party had been charging all the booze onto my credit card. The cunning swines !!!


Well Lancashire batted well but we're not confident they've scored enough. So it's time for a spot of lunch and we break out the massed ranks of fine cheeses, crackers, pickled chillies and luncheon wines (we always find this helps flatten the lake of lager in ones stomach)

Note also how the cunning placement of the picture in relation to the one above makes it look like I took a full length shot of "Carpet" Col. Now that's what I call "fotograffy" (tm)


Botheration. Yorkshire wickets tumbled steadily but 'twas not enough and they beat Lancashires total with overs to spare. The intrepid Jollys therefore retire to a local pub where a "tired and emotional" Col starts pasting up his job adverts


But what's this ? Several hours, and another gallon of Lager later, we manage to stagger our way back to the pub just in time for the sensational news.... In our absence the Jollys have won !!!


Sadly it's all a bit much for a shell shocked Dave and Scotty "Bubbs" who are indulging in a medicinal lager (or twelve) to calm their jangled nerves.



Grown men are drunkenly rolling in the streets of Poulton-Le-Fylde (no change there then - ed.) and, two days later, the Gods (and Godesses) themselves rejoice by sending a luvverly rainbow in tribute to the first win of the season !!!! (thank goodness my underpants weren't on the washing line)

Now if only one of the other team members had bothered to take a camera to the game you could have seen a proper match report instead of this drivel. I know at least three of them have got digital cameras (all better than mine to boot !) and I did ask.... Oh well who cares anyway ? WE'VE WON !!!! THE JOLLYS HAVE WON !!!!!

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