10 June 2004 home to South Shore Shovellers (Cup)

At last Fortress Thornton is finally available and we host our first home game of the season !!! And to double the excitement, not only was it cup fever, but there was a distinct lack of midges to boot. The only bad point was that South Shore batted first and, due to there being only enough people to perform fielding, umpiring and scoring duties, there was nobody available to take pictures until we batted. Where's David Bailey when you need him ?

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was assorted sandwiches


Well South Shore have posted a very reasonable 135 but "Pitbull" Powelly isn't worried. "It's a lovely evening, we've got 14 overs, 35 fags and a well stocked bar. We can knock that off in 10 overs (hic)" And so the innings begins...


And suprisingly enough things start going according to Powellys master plan. New boy Nigel "Nige" Nigelson lays into the bowling with a vengeance. The only question now is can the Jollys keep up with his frantic between the wickets pace ?

Egad ! The man's as fast as Speedy Gonzales (The fastest mouse in all Mehico) Personally I just hope there's a doctor, bottle of oxygen and a defibrillator in the club house


Ah fortress Thornton in the fading summer sunlight. It almost brings a tear to your eyes (brings out onion from pocket) The glorious game, the Jollys drinking merrily on the benches, the inept batting, the wide range of intoxicating beverages (and lightly salted snacks) the unseasonal lack of midges.


Meanwhile back on the field "Nige" has already worn out several of our top order batsmen. So now Si takes the field and plays himself in with a glorious defensive shot. But the runs are still flowing along and there's a real sense of an upset developing.

Will the Jollys mark their first home game with a mighty victory ?


The wicket keeper stares into the distance. Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No it's a four !!! Si strokes the ball towards the clubhouse and "Nige" takes the opportunity to punish him with some frenzied running "just in case".


Well the run rates slipped slightly and our wickets are eroding at a steady pace but Ogs and Dave are in a positive mood as they prepare to take their turn in the middle. But can we keep the run rate going ? or will we run out of wickets ? Sadly we suspect it will be the latter.


Oh dear... It's several overs later and Dave and Ogs have given their all... Even the human dynamo "Nige" is out and now the tail's simply got to wag. But the spirit's still good and the lads keep urging us on towards those last few runs. Come on Jollys !!!


Ah... sadly 'twas not to be. Despite a very creditable performance we were eventually bowled out about 10 runs short of the target and with half an over to spare. But following a very creditable first home performance we can at least take the opportunity to retire to the Town Hall for a well deserved round of sandwiches and a gallon of Becks or so (each).

So to finish off the evening Dave takes the opportunity to play Powelly a tune on his invisible piano

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