01 July 2004 home to the Nights of Bacchus

Well this week saw a hastily rescheduled game as the "magic swan" refused the Jollys permission to enter his territory (he's still ticked off about the stale bread we fed him in our previous game). So the Nights were unable to make use of the magnificent Great Eccy stadium and we were all forced to decamp into the sticks to sample the delights of the St. Aidans school pitch in the "Summer of 99" special !

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was once again nowt ! (botheration... yet again we forgot to tell Des that we were playing)


And what have we here ? The Jollys arrive to find that, not only are some of the Nights already changed and ready for action, but thy're even indulging in a spot of practice in the nets. Good grief they're keen, and just look how young some of their players are.

Now that's what I call a youth policy (i.e. in stark contrast to the Jollys who all pursued a wasted youth policy !)


But the game gets off to a good start as Ogs wins the toss. And a quick use of the counting fingers reveals that this is the sixth time he's won the toss this year ! In celebration we attempt to recreate the moment for posterity (Nice try lads but where's the coin ? - ed.)

Oh well we tried... and in a moment of inspiration Ogs puts us in to bat leaving a seemingly much weakened Nights team to take the field (so that's the reason for the youth policy they're short of players this week).


Oh my word. Just look how far away the wicket is. And I bet the fussy school regulations mean that we can't even get a cab out to the middle. Keep off the grass, get your tie straight, stop bothering the first years for their dinner money, get your hair cut, dance on your fags...

Mind you, the youth of today don't even get caned any more and where's the fun in that eh ? No wonder they're all such a bunch of whinging ne'er do wells. Eeeh, when I was a lad we were continually beaten with whips, chains and big rubber hammers. And it didn't do us any harm I'll tell you.


Well strangely enough, despite being out of breath from the long walk to the middle, the Jollys are making a reasonable start to their innings and the runs are piling steadily on. Still the pavillion looks strangely empty as, due to their being no clubhouse from which to purchase their refreshements, the Jolly batsmen have gone off searching for an off licence.

Now that's confidence in the openers !


Having flown in specially for the game (actually he'd just returned from Holiday and was keen to get out for a beer) Dave makes his way back to the pavillion after scoring a very respectable 31. And this week there's no talk of stray wasps as he was simply out to a good catch.

So the Jollys make a splendid start to the innings and there's still plenty of batting left (well technically there are plenty of wickets left but the former sounds more impressive)


Egad...hold the front page ! An actual picture of the bails flying from the wickets. In all the weeks of reporting never before have we seen such an impressive piece of fotograffy (tm)

So, despite having a good knock, Thommo takes the honours of being the first Jolly to be filmed in the act of "wildly flailing at the ball whilst having his wickets spread around the ground". But fear not as the runs have been piling on steadily and we're looking to post a decent total.


Now if only the pitch wasn't such a trek to get to you might be able to see the grand cricket action in this shot as Ogs ?... err... Stu ?... err... Nige ? "our batman" prepares to face. Still this will give the keener amongst you a chance to get our your opera glasses for a quick game of spot the player.


Well the run rate is still ticking along nicely and the excitement has now built to such a peak that our new official fotograffer (tm) Shannon (age 5) has stopped running around like a demented dervish long enough to take a few action shots.


Oh dear... oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... Havng laughed heartily after capturing Thommos wickets flying I now find myself in the same boat but with the added humiliation of being captured in close up being bowled by by one of the Nights youngsters.

Still I didn't get a golden this week (indeed I put on a seasons best nine) and the runs are STILL piling on. Can the Jollys achieve a famous first ever win against the Nights ?


Well blow me down.. Having amassed a creditable 115 the Jollys not only managed to keep the Nights well away from our total but we took enough wickets to bring an incredible six points back to the Old Town Hall with us.

Now as usual you'll not be suprised to find that nobody bothered to take any pictures of us in the field (at this rate I might have to take my camera on the pitch with me next week) but who cares ? A famous win and one that may even take us off the bottom of the table

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