Fixtures & Results for the 2006 season

As regular visitors will have come to expect here are the fixtures for the 2006 season. And to help out some of the more "hard of thinking" members of our team this year we're not only putting the day name along with the date but we've added some javascript to highlight the next game (that'll be great if it works - ed.). So now you've got no excuse for not turning up ! (apart from "I'm not on the internet" - ed.)

And for complete excitement this year sees the introduction of a new feature in the evening league as you can now view the league table online Excitement truly peaks !!!

As usual then, where available, you can click on a game date to view a match reports (complete with pictures)

Evening League (Thursday)

Date Venue Opposition Result Comments
Thursday 27/04/2006 Away Land Registry WON Wowzle !!! Our close season signings come out firing with all guns and the Jollys register the first win of the season. Not only that but we didn't lose a single wicket. Now if only Jol could have got his 50 (he made 43) it would have been the perfect start to the season !
Wednesday 03/05/2006 Away South Shore Shovellers Lost A cracking match sees us narrowly lose to the Shovellers. Botheration... after last weeks heroics it's business as usual for the Jollys...
Thursday 11/05/2006 Home South Shore Shovellers (Cup) Lost Our first outing to "fortress" Hodgson sees up lose comprehensively in the cup. Still the midges were happy to see us again so at least someone was happy.
Thursday 18/05/2006 Home Rushale WON Despite threats of rain stopping play the Jollys win their first home game of the season in front of a crowd of delirious midges.
Thursday 25/05/2006 Home William Stuart Kitchens WON Good grief ! The Jollys have won again. This is unprecedented.
Thursday 01/06/2006 Away Pickup Central Heating Lost A somewhat under strength Jollys team fall to our second league defat of the season. But was it all down to events on the pitch ? or was something more sinsiter afoot ? Read on to find out...
Thursday 08/06/2006 Home Layton Institute WON PhewWhatAScorcher ! A seasonal heatwave sees the Jollys pull off another fine win over a slightly understrength Layton Institute.
Thursday 15/06/2006 Away Land Registry (Cup) n/a Well thanks to the rotten Eng-ur-lund kickball game the match has been called off and we're going to have a "double header" on our next meeting instead. Boo hiss for kickball that's what I say, the sooner that rubbish is over the better.
Wednesday 21/06/2006 Away Warbreck Hill WON Apologies for the delay in the match write up but I was away on Le Continent. But the good news is we won again - not only that but there were fantastic individual performances to boot. Read all about it in the match report !
Thursday 29/06/2006 Home Land Registry WON Well what can I say ? We were on fire this week and racked up a Jolly Boys record scoring 200 runs from our 14 overs. Needless to say despite their best efforts Land Registry couldn't match it and we've registered another win. This is already the best season we've ever had but can we keep it up until the end of the season ?
Thursday 06/07/2006 Home South Shore Shovellers ? Match postponed as Shovellers were unable to field a team and we decided to play later (rather than take the points which a less keen side would have done !)
Wednesday 12/07/2006 Away Pickup Central Heating (Cup) Lost Well after a good start we ended up being outbatted by Pickup who passed our total with two overs to spare.

Sadly there has also been a slight cock up on the recording front as I left my camera at a mates last week so haven't yet got the pictures off... Hopefully this will be rectified at some point during the week !
Thursday 21/07/2006 Away Rushale WON A slight break in the weather sees the Jollys take maximum points in a fine game at the magnificent Rushale ground.
Thursday 27/07/2006 Away William Stuart Kitchens WON Well sadly William Stuart Kitchens couldn't field a team so conceeded all 6 points to the Jollys. A bit of a shame really, as we always prefer to reschedule games, but we're happy to take the points :)
Thursday 03/08/2006 Home Pickup Central Heating Lost A great game saw us narrowly fail in our run chase against Pickup Central Heating. And no that the kids are off for the summer the pitch at Hodgson has finally been moved and is looking good (just in time for the end of the season - ed.)
Thursday 10/08/2006 Away Layton Institute Lost Well it is getting towards the end of the season but this was a poor do indeed as both teams struggled to put out a full set of players. Still those that were there enjoyed a good game of cricket but sadly it was the Jollys who were the weaker of the two team so Layton Institute ended up with a well deserved win.
Thursday 24/08/2006 Home Warbreck Hill WON Sadly the last league game of the season sees Warbreck Hill conceded the game due to a lack of players. Still the points gained have seen us return to second place in the table so end the season in our best ever position. So there's only one way we can beat this next year (ah ever the optimist... - ed.)
Thursday 07/09/2006 Home Layton Institute WON Well there's a patern forming here at the end of the season as Layton could get a game for tonights semi-final but wouldn't have been able to field a teram for Sundays final. They therefore took the decision to concede the game thereby allowing the Jollys to progress to our first ever major game (apart from our firts ever league game which was the biggest game ever - ed.).
Sunday 10/09/2006 Neutral South Shore Shovellers Lost CUP FINAL !!! Well despite the excellent turn out, the splendid weather and the fantastic efforts we narrowly lose the final. But we played really well and made South Shore work to complete double so we ended the day well pleased with our efforts.

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Final Table For The 2006 Season

Position Team Played Won Lost Drew No Result Batting Points Bowling Points Points
1 South Shore Shovellers ( Champions ) 14 13 0 0 1 12 8 74
2 Jolly Boys 14 9 4 0 1 11 8 57
3 Pickup Central Heating 14 9 5 0 0 10 6 52
4 Layton Institute 14 8 5 0 1 9 6 49
5 Rushale 14 6 7 1 0 10 5 41
6 Land Registry 14 4 9 0 1 8 4 30
7 Warbreck Hill 14 3 8 1 2 6 5 29
8 William Stuart Kitchens 14 0 14 0 0 2 1 3