20th May 2004 "home" (but away) to Kirkham Swifts

Once again we're unable to use Fortress Thornton due to them double booking us with their juniors (again) so once more we're forced to re-arrange a home game. And after we made them those lovely metal gates too. Flippin' ingrates.

Once more this weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was chip butties ! (bring back some salad... please !!!)

jb2004-05-20 001.jpg

It's an omen... Once again the Jollys lose the toss and are put in to bat. But shortly thereafter the balls flying around the pitch as Dave gets his eye in. Are things looking up ?

jb2004-05-20 002.jpg

Well we had high hopes for a Stuey & Dave partnership but after a brief stint in the middle Stuey comes off for a well deserved pint. Due to both teams being short this week (it was 9 Jollys versus10 Swifts !) note the complete absence of fielders within camera shot.

jb2004-05-20 003.jpg

The Swifts wicketkeeper dives to the floor as he spots the loose change "Cats" has dropped. Little does he know it's all old foreign currency (mostly Drachmas with a few fake Escudos thrown in for variety) and has been put there in a deliberate attempt to distract the fielders (it's always good when a plan comes together :)

jb2004-05-20 004.jpg

Ogs gets in a spot of practice whilst walking to the wicket. Thirty four assorted midges, daddy long legs and a bol weevil were injured during the taking of this picture (and quite what a bol weevil was doing at South Shore is beyond us as they don't usually order any 'til late July)

jb2004-05-20 005.jpg

New man "Cats" returns back to the pavillion after his first innings for the Jollys. And there's nothing like a good scratch after a hard bit of batting. But with the nickname "Cats" there's got to be an obligatory "All your base" reference.... "How are you Gentlemen ? All your wickets are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction, make your time" (yeah, yeah, old stuff I know but, being simple, I still think it's funny :)

jb2004-05-20 006.jpg

No !!! Baz !!! You're not in your wardrobe now. Put it away. That's a new bat and it doesn't need "damping down". It's already been covered in Linseed oil by the manufacturers.

jb2004-05-20 007.jpg

Phew, only kidding... The camera was lying and Baz was merely putting his gloves on. But a short while later he returns to the shivering mass of Jollys (despite the sunshine there was a cold, cold wind) A few balls later and our innings is over.

Sadly, due to the lack of players, there was nobody available to take any pictures of the Jollys bowling (which was just as well as it was awful) so this was the last of this weeks pictures. Needless to say the Swifts went on to better our, almost reasonable, total and came out victorious with 5 balls to spare. Ho hum....

jb2004-05-20 008.jpg

So to make up for the lack of bowling pictures todays random picture features "Corky" the cat who's nipped round for a spot of free lunch. Now something like a venerable 15 years old (that's about 3,479 "in human years") he looks just like the Jollys season so far. Rather moth eaten and somewhat decrepit but with plenty of spirit left !

But if old Corky can still get over the garden wall then we can certainly start winning ! So stay tuned for next weeks episode as there's got to be a win coming soon.

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