06 June 2004 home to Layton Institute

Well would you believe it.... There we were ready for our first home game of the season. Fortress Thornton was finally available, the squad were ready and the butties were on the tray. But all was lost due to the day being dominated by a fine spot of summer rain. Botheration.

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was assorted sandwiches (it's just a shame we didn't earn them after a win !)

Something awful - insect cricketers

Due to the lack of action this week we've been forced to find some other "entertainment" for your good selves. So here's some insect cricket action courtesy of the excellent "Photoshop Phriday"competition on the Something Awful website. And, yes we realise that this is vastly more entertaining than pictures of the Jollys, but no you can't have any more as there weren't any others for me to filch !

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