27th May 2004 away to The Dunes

Well it's off to South Shore again for the "gypsy" Jollys.... South Shore again..... Now I know the Warsteniers rather pleasant (even though it's known as "War Starter" amongst some of its afficionados) but this is ridiculous. We need a home game ! Bring back Fortress Hodgson is all I can say. We're seven games into the season and there's not a midge bite between us.

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was assorted sandwiches (which was a welcome change as all those chips were playing havoc with our finely tuned sportsmans physiques :)

jb2004-05-27 001.jpg

Well the Dunes are in to bat and their batsmen prove rather difficult to remove (no change there then eh ? - ed). But after much struggle the Jollys finally take a wicket which moves Dave to kneel behind the wickets and offer thanks to the Gods (and Goddesses !).

jb2004-05-27 002.jpg

Oh no... our last minute recruit Thommo's seen a bus. Being phobic about large passenger vechiles this causes him to run off and hide in the bar. Now this wouldn't be so bad but it's only usually the big red ones that set him off. Oh well, I guess he must have eaten some blue smarties again...

jb2004-05-27 003.jpg

A short while later and the Dunes have amassed a rather useful 124 so it must be time for the Jollys to bat. Si starts things rolling by playing a masterful forward defensive stroke while the rest of us look on wondering where on earth he learnt such good technique ? Certainly not by studying the rest of the team that's for sure.

jb2004-05-27 004.jpg

The actions hotting up round the scorers table as the lads perform a set of intricate "Wu Tang" hand exercises (or is Baz informing us how many sandwiches he's going to eat later on... only time will tell !)

jb2004-05-27 005.jpg

Our iniings is moving along nicely (i.e. our wickets are tumbling like nine pins) but, despite giving his wicket cheaply, Stu comes off looking rather pleased with himself. But why we wonder ? Surely his short innings wasn't that good ? or has he got a trick up his sleeve ? All will be revealed in the next few frames....

jb2004-05-27 006.jpg

Meanwhile back in the middle Thommo's had a calming pint (or ten) and is able to take the field (which is just as well as he's in to bat) But the adrenaline must still be flowing from his earlier bus fright as, a split second after this picture was taken, he smashes the ball for four !!! There'll be more blue smarties for this kiddy next week !

jb2004-05-27 007.jpg

Ho Ho ! So this is why Stu was so pleased - he's brought along his "super zoom" capable digicam video camera. Now we can show you some "super zoom" close ups of our inept batting techniques. Sadly Baz becomes the first victim as he completely misses the ball (but which then thankfully misses the wicket)

jb2004-05-27 008.jpg

And "Cats" has no reason to smile as a quick single later and he's next "in the frame". However he's seen the sunlight glinting off our distant paparazzi lens so he knuckles down and produces a good shot !

jb2004-05-27 009.jpg

Now this is more like it ! A short while later its Ogs' turn - and just look at that gurn as he smashes the ball for four ! In fact just look at that ball flying into the air.... this is better than Sky Sports !!! (actually watching my cat wash its bum is better than the wretched advert filled dross that Sky put out. I'd rather spend my money on second hand underpants than pay for Sky)

jb2004-05-27 010.jpg

Now that's quite enough of my ranting as here's another fantastically gurned square cut !!! (note to ed: please check this as my knowledge of cricket strokes is pitiful)

But once again dear reader we come to the end of thisweeks tale and despite the new "paparazzi style digizooom" excitement of the coverage the Jollys again fail to match the Dunes total and we come a worthy second (again). Bah ! So it's onward to next week then...

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