22nd April 2004 away at the Land Registry

Hooray ! After battling with the impenetrable Spanish menus I finally managed to download the pictures... and what a dissapointment they truly were. Still they're the best we've got so here you go. The first game, the first defeat !

This weeks after match menu at the Old Town Hall was assorted sandwiches


Well Col might not have been at the match but he's certainly in tune with the squad. Just look at the size of that fish ! If this isn't an omen for the seasons escapades I don't know what is...


Hoorah ! "Baz" runs in for the first delivery of the new season. Let's see if the batsman can launch it over the trees again.


Well we're into the fourth over and it's either nail biting stuff or Stu is getting hungry. Yep, he's thinking about the return of sandwiches in the Old Town Hall.


"Hello there, did someone mention sandwiches ? Any cheese left ?" Begorrah... this man is a genuine idiot.


Meanwhile, half an hour later (nothing like continuity in the narrative eh ?) Ogs is preparing to go in. With the Jollys already in trouble will this be another match saving display from the fabled Ogden Burger ?


Nope it wasn't. Not long later a delirious Scotty "Bubs" returns back to the pavillion having batted down the last ball of the game to deny Land Registry the bowling point. Ez however remains totally unimpressed with proceedings and is now thinking only of sandwiches.


Oh dear... After all the excitement all we get is a large platter of shredded lettuce which we still set upon ravenously (like the pigs we are). No wonder "Pitbull" Powelly looks so despondent (he'd set his heart on a nice bit of cheese or perhaps a spot of egg mayo !)

Due to a lack of quality pictures this space is for rent...

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