Fixtures & Results for the 2007 season

Well this season it's all change for the Jollys. Sadly with the demise of the Mick Potts memorial Evening League we thought we were going to have a fallow season... But no ! Quick as a flash the local cricket enthusiasts got together and created the new Fylde Twenty20 league.

And the good news is that we're now playing to almost standard cricket rules (i.e. 6 ball overs, 6's count etc.) with the only exception being a rule whereby once a batsman has scored 25 or over they must retire. Once the rest of the team are out they may then resume their innings but this could make games more interesting.

As usual then, where available, you can click on a game date to view a match reports (complete with pictures)

Fylde Twenty20 League

Date Venue Opposition Result Comments
Tuesday 18/05/2007 Away Environmental Health WON Despite concerns that we'd not bowl all the the overs in time the new season sees us get off to a win in the new format.
Thursday 24/05/2007 Home Warbreck Hill WON The first game at fortress Hodgson sees another win for the Jollys. The only downside being that I forgot to take my trusty digicam. Luckily Dave had his in he car but we only managed about 15 shots before the card filled. Ho hum, c'est la vie.
Sunday 27/05/2007 Away n/a n/a The Jollys have a club day out to the test where play is washed out, we watch Blackpool win their playoff final and three of us get left behind...
Thursday 31/05/2007 Home Rushale WON Fortress Hodgson sees not only another win for a rampant Jollys but the first outing of the year for the infamous Hodgson midges. And boy were they hungry for blood...
Thursday 07/06/2007 Away Henry's Marauders WON A low scoring game sees the Jollys emerge victorious on, what can only be described as, the totally unpredictable Cottam Hall wicket. Talk about uneven bounce, it's the only wicket I've ever seen with kickball studmarks in the square !
Thursday 14/06/2007 Home Wyre Postponed rain.gifSadly there was no game this week thanks to a waterlogged pitch. So stay tuned for the revised game date.
Thursday 21/06/2007 Home Environmental Health WON Well there's been further showers but there was just enough sun and wind to leave us with a playable wicket. And another fine performance sees the Jollys set a club record by making it 5 wins on the trot !
Wednesday 27/06/2007 Away Warbreck Hill Lost Ah... it couldn't last and the Jollys lose their first game of the season. Still we set a club record by getting to the half way point before losing so we're not at all dissapointed.
Thursday 05/07/2007 Away Rushale Postponed rain.gifBotheration, the game was postponed due to inclement weather.
Thursday 12/07/2007 Home Henry's Marauders Postponed rain.gifOnce again the ongoing summer rain prevented any chance of play.
Tuesday 17/07/2007 Away Wyre WON Suprisingly enough the rain actually let up for a day and we managed to record another win !
Thursday 09/08/2007 Away Rushale Lost The Jollys lose on the fine Rushale ground. Sadly your humble scribe was off manning a mixing desk at the Rebellion Festival 2007 and, despite my asking nicely, nobody took any pictures. This being the case there's no match report... Botheration...
Thursday 28/08/2007 Home Wyre WON A much under strength Jollys just about manage to squeeze a win against a keen Wyre side.
Sunday 02/09/2007 Thornton Clevelys Cricket Club Jolly Boys
Blackpool EVH
WON Finals day !!! And the Jollys pull off a stunning two game winning streak to become the 2007 Fylde Twenty20 champions.

Final Table For The 2007 Season

Position Team Played Won Drew Lost Net Run Rate Points
1 Rushale 10 8 0 2 + 1.64 24
2 Jolly Boys 10 8 0 2 + 1.21 24
3 Blackpool EVH 10 6 0 4 + 0.39 18
4 Wyre CC 10 3 1 6 - 0.71 10
5 Warbreck Hill 10 2 1 7 - 1.53 7
6 Henry’s Marauders 10 2 0 8 - 1.20 6

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