27th June 2007 away to Warbreck Hill

Yet again the slightly inclement conditions meant there were some doubts as to whether we'd be able to play. Thankfully though the combination of Warbreck Hills excellent facilities (i.e. proper covers - ed.) plus a dry and windy afternoon saw the wicket fit for play.

The game started off well with Dave, yet again, winning the toss. And we can't even be accused of cheating by using double headed coins as a) we don't have any money and b) we've used the oppositions coins half the time !

So the Jollys took the, by now almost traditional, decision to bat first and thanks to some quality batting amassed a very good looking total of 135 for 3. Not only that but Ogs, Dave and Jol carried their bats and had to retire after making their 25 runs. Able support was also provided by young Billy who scored 20 and a special mention must also be made for Baz who was once again not out !

So after a great batting performance you'd have expected us to come away with another win. But Warbreck Hill had other plans. Not to be outdone by the Jollys they put in a splendid batting performance which saw 3 of their players also reaching the magical "25 and retire" mark. Thanks to a quick run rate they eventually ended up worthy winners having beaten our total by amassing 137 with an over to spare.

So a festival of batting sees the seasons first defeat for the Jollys. The only black mark being the somewhat over zealous umpiring from The Warbreck Hill umpire (honestly, giving no balls for marginal foot errors in the Fylde Twenty20 league... It's not a bloody test match - ed.)


The low evening sun sees Ogs forced to create an ad-hoc summer bonnet using only an old thigh pad and a warped imagination.


Jol takes to the wicket. Having turned up too late to open last week he's raring to go !


Well the Warberck Hill ground is certainly a good 'un but the distance from the pavillion to the wicket makes it hard to take good action pictures withour limited zooming capabilities.

Not only that but it also makes hitting boundaries on a damp outfield somewhat trickey too !.


Only two pictures later and Jol is returning to the pavillion having reached his 25. Looks like it's going to be a good total for the Jollys again.


Oh. Maybe not as Ian comes straight back to the pavillion with a veritable plethora of good excuses. Still make the most of it as it's not very often that Ian gets a Golden.


The Jollys continue to keep the runs ticking over and Dave takes his turn to retire on 25. This is looking good !


Back on the boundary the Jollys are joined by two renegade members of the Sour Grapes bunch (My word you're showing your age -ed.).


Blimey. Baz wasn't kidding when he said he was keen to get out to bat !

And were it be possible for them to view the match scorecards (not enough time to type everything up every week -ed.) then the budding "Stattos" out there wil have realised that Baz has not been getting out much this season.


Hoorray ! Ogs has once again joined the "25 and retire" club which delights young Katie Ogden as, after waiting patiently for him to score his runs, she can now pester him for more pocket money and crisps :)


This destival of runs is starting to get to be opposition and even their young fans have turned to drink.

n.b. Before we get any letters of complaint from the RSPCA etc. then we should point out to any pedantic "humour challenged" viewers that this is obviously a staged picture featuring, off camera, Mums empty bottle. (all lies -ed.)


Well Scotty Bubs might have his bat in the air but sadly he hasn't joined the &quo;25 and retired" club. It's just the end of the Jollys innings.


And last but not least here's Baz who has once again defied the opposition and has returned not out. There's no chance of the Pedro trophy for Baz this year !

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