24 May 2007 home to Warbreck Hill

It's the first game of the year at Fortress Thorton and things aren't looking good as we arrive at the ground to find a school game still in progress ! Despite us booking our games well in advance it seems they still can't "read ore rite". Luckily though there was something of a batting collapse in the game and we were able to get on the wicket before too long. Given that we'd lost a little time the captains therefore decided to play an Eighteen18 game (rather than the regulation Twenty20).

And the omens were good as Dave wins his second toss on the trot and we decide to bat first. But a poor display sees us post a dissapointing total and we give Warbreck every opportunity to take the points. However it was not to be as an inspired bit of bowling by the Jollys sees us emerge victorious to make it two out of two !

The only downside to the day was my failure to bring the trusty digicam. Luckily Dave had his in the car so we did manage to get a few shots but there wasn't much space left on the memory card and we ran out after about 40 shots. As you'd expect most of these were absolute rubbish too :)


What's this ? is this the Jollys extreme youth policy in action ? No it's actually the school teams taking up our pre booked time slot ! Harrumpph !!!


Dave, Powelly and a passing Warbreckian start wondering how long it will take to round up the little blighters and where we could go to release them back into the wilds ?

Then again they're all young and healthy so they'd not only be able to run away they'd probably rough us up a bit if we tried any "funny business". We're just going to have to wait...


And heeeeeere's Baz ! Bicycling in late as usual. Still it's always good to see a gentleman on a bicycle. As H.G. Wells once said: "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the human race".

Too true sir, too true !


Tension is steadily mounting on the sidelines. The wickets are starting to fall (for once they aren't the Jollys wickets -ed.) and we're worrying whether we'll actually get on in time.

There's nothing for it but to get the fags out and wait...


Hooray for the "Randalls" Ogs' unorthodox cricket err... boots ? shoes ? making yet another appearance for the Jollys.

One day they'll be mounted in a glass case on the wall of the Old Town Hall but for now they're just ready to put in another sterling performance in the Jollys never ending quest for glory ! (and booze - ed.)


At last ! The game get's underway with the Warbreck players taking to the field with a spot of formation "hands in trousers" dancing.

So can the Jollys post a decent total in our restricted 18 overs ?


Due to our new rotating batsmen policy (i.e. no-one wants to open - ed.) this weeks lucky openers are Bubs and Powelly.

And Bubs takes no time to settle in and is soon merrily flashing his bat at anything within striking distance. Umpires, Midges, passing crows or the ball. They're all there to be hit says Bubs !


Well sadly there was only space for a couple more shots before the camera bleeped out its dreaded "memory card full" warning

So this week we'll have to leave you with another shot illustrating the Jollys extreme youth policy as we capture our number 4 batsmen looking for his pads.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Well we knew they were about but it was a bit too cold to do much flying. Bzzt. Still the ladies are all raring to go so we'll probably be back in force by the start of June. Bzzt. Anyway must go I've found a nice leaf to cling under. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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