31 May 2007 home to Rushale

After last weeks shenanigans it was something of a relief to arrive at an empty ground. But with a slightly overcast sky and an afternoon of light showers there was every possibility of the elements conspiring against us. This being the case the captains conferred and decided that it was best to take a lead from last week and we opted to make it another Eighteen18 affair.

Sadly Dave couldn't win three tosses on the trot so this week saw Rushale elect to bat first where they amassed a very creditable 105 from their 18 overs. But despite last weeks poor total the Jollys managed to edge past with an over to spare to forge another well earned victory.

Blimey three wins on the trot... We're getting dizzy ! As you'd expect there is the, now traditional, lack of pictures of us in the field. You know the excuses by now so I'll not go over them again.


It's penance time for the organisers of the ill fated Jollyboys day out to the Headingley test.

After having the day's cricket washed out we had to console ourselves with watching the Tangerine Dream Machine book a place in er.. whatever they're calling division 2 this year (my word you're showing your age - ed.). And we won't bore you with the details but, rather than getting the minibus, some of us had to get the train home.


And for once here's a picture of the opposition. A casual study of the opposition will show that Rushale also seem to be operating a youth policy

Although not as extreme as ours it's good to see as it means there'll always be youngsters around we can bribe to go to the offy for us :)


And they're off ! Jolyon and Tom take their turn to be this weeks openers.


Meanwhile back in the outfield the Jollys have taken the sensible precaution of moving out from their usual spot under the trees. The reason for the move ?

It's warm, it's slightly humid and the midges are out. Not in full force but enough of a raiding party to make it uncomfortable for the warm, fleshy Jollys... All filled to the brim with lovely fresh blud (and booze -ed.)


And who says kids have nowhere to play out these days ? Si even provides a splendid outdoor climbing centre for the little beasts to play on.

But it's not all fun and games as there's a strict "no jumping up and down on the roof or bonnet" policy in force.


If you look closely you can actually see the ball in this picture as sheer good luck sees the camera take the picture within three days of me pressing the button ! (hint it's just to the left of Toms off stump) Ah the miracles of modern technology...

The more astute of you will also noticce that Tom & Jol are still at the crease where they're building up a nice little partnership.


The games progressing nicely and we're within sight of Rushales total with wickets in hand. All the excitement's even brought the fans out into their gardens to cheer on the Jollys (or are they just making sure that we don't hit anything towards their windows ? -ed.)

Or maybe it's just that there's nothing good on telly on thursday nights (or any other night come to think of it - ed.)


So... despite the lack of further decent action pictures it only remains for Scotty Bubs to follow up another splendid umpiring performance by leading the victorious Jollys from the field.

Highlights of the game included Tom retiring not out (the over 25 rule) and Jol just failing to join him after losing his wicket for 24. All in all a good team performance !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Well it was an excellent day for us. Bzzt. Slightly overcast but just warm enough for a few of the girls to go out for a bite. Bzzt. We've now issued the pheremone invites so hopefully the whole family will be out for the next home game. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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