17th July 2007 away to Wyre

After two weeks of torrential rain we were rather pleased to get a couple of days respite. Thankfully this was enough to ensure that Cottam Hall was relatively water free and we were able to face Wyre for the first time this season.

And the omens were looking good for a great game as even as we arrived for the match the entire Wyre team were already there and were practising hard ! Not only that but they seem to have a good youth policy in place as their team was "packed" with the under 40s (unlike our own bunch of crocks - ed.)

Things started going our way from the off though as Dave won the toss again ! (that's five out of the last 6 - ed.). If he keeps this up we're might have an end of sesaons problem though as some of the villagers have been muttering about putting him on the ducking stool in the village pond to see if there's been any witchcraft involved...

Having decided to bat 9no change there then -ed.) the Jollys make the most of the damp outfield by trying to play the ball in the air as much as possible (i.e. a good old fashioned slog -ed) But thanks to some overbuttered pre match sandwiches Wyre keep dropping some good chances which allows us to amass a rather decent total - with Tom, Dave and Powelly all making their 25 and retiring.

Despite a great effort, including some enthusiastic running between the wickets, our total proves to be just too much for Wyre to better. Aided by some sensational fielding, including a truly remarkable catch by Dave Stoddard (brother in Becks to Lord "Barrington" Stoddard) we were able to bowl them out just short.

So it's another improbable win for the Jollys which suprisingly sees us keep our top of the table spot for another week. Truly this is the season of dreams!


Well it's many apologies to any of our more delicate viewers but it was time for some new insoles. The old ones have served me proud for many games (i.e. they've been in place since the early 50s ! - ed.)

But at a mere 79p from Poulton Shoe Market their replacements are truly bargain-tastic. Mmmm... and pine fresh too !


Due to the previous weeks downpour the Cottam Hall pavillion had been ringed with a small strip of water giving it a distinctively ship like appearance.

Getting into the spirit of things Tom is checking his thumbnail mounted "secret agent" compass in a vain attempt to discover in which direction we're heading whilst in the background Dave Stoddard relaxes with a pre game gallon of cider.


As usual Dave is singularly uninterested in the pathetic shenanigans going on in the pavillion and is already out on the wicket impatiently waiting to start the game.


However the crew of the newly named S.S. Pavillion are more interested in idly dangling their legs into the water and fishing for crabs.


Right... Tom's finally joined him in the middle and Dave's started the game with a flourish.


Meanwhile back on the S.S. Pavillion "New Dad" Bub's has arrived with the strange notion that fatherhood means he has some chance of escaping his Jolly duties.

There's no chance of that as we've got umpiring, batting, bowling and boozing to be done - whether you've had any sleep or not !


Bah, the game being on a tuesday menas that Stuey is unable to play due to prior commitments to football training.

Well if football training means a light bit of stretching and a game of pocket billiards then you're welcome to it.


Whilst we've been frittering away our time fishing for crabs and gossiping "like girls" Tom has amassed his 25 runs.

A lifeboat is duly dispatched to bring him back to the S.S. pavillion.


To be followed shortly thereafter by Dave who also retired after 25.

Sadly however he was too busy dodging our hastily constructed lobster pots and night lines to acknowledge us with the traditional raised bat.


Oh dear. Having taken his palce at the crease Jol was keen to join in the "25 and retire" fun.

But it was not to be as some bone idle sauntering between the wickets was met with a sharp throw and an early bath.


Powelly however has got the bit between his teeth (whose bits are they ? -ed.) and is Jollying the innings along at a good pace.

Spot the ball fans will be delighted to notice that the ball is once again visible in the picture (a rarity these days -ed.)


Bejaysus ! We take back our earlier accusations of idleness as them there footballers are actually doing some training.

And a right lot of effort it looks too as they form a snake to slither noisily through the Cottam Hall oceans whilst pausing only to hurl insults at the Jollys.


A close up of the outfield shows the sort of obstacle you encounter on Poulton-Le-Fylde's premier sporting facilities. Not a good place for any budding Jonty Rhodes to start flinging themselves about on really.


Gah !!!! Our old "friends" return from planet Cone. But this time they seem to be on a spy mission as they remain firmly on the ground and make no attempt to perform their old brain melding tricks.


Hooray ! Powelly joins the "25 and retire" club. There's no doubt about it this is probably the best thing about playing in the Fylde Twenty20 league as it means teams can't just bring in two good batsmen and clobber their way to victory.

As usual though there are no more decent pictures of the game and the usual "no people able or willing to take pictures whilst we field" excuses apply so this is the last of the "action"pictures...

Which brings us to the end of the game which saw the Jollys emerging victorious yet again.

All that remains is for the teams to surf back to the S.S. Pavillion, get changed, pick up the errant plastic bags (which had escaped their moorings, and retire to the pub for a well deserved refreshment (or twelvety).


But before we go... all that's left is to bring you a couple of after game pictures including the staggering announcement that, despite having played many innings, Baz "Light Ale" has carried his bat again.


The "Sour Grapes Bunch" insist that they get a picture in this weeks report or they'll duff me up. Being the natural coward that I am I'm only too happy to oblige !

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