21st June 2007 home to Blackpool Environmental Health

Well the day had started badly with spots of rain, including some short torrential downpours, occuring all over the Fylde coast. This being the case we were wondering whether their would even be a match. However as luck would have it fortress Hodsgon seemd to miss out on the watering and we were able to play after all.

Unfortunately though, work, family and holiday commitments meant it was a slightly under strength Jollys that took the field for our second game against Blackpool EVH. The game started well though as Dave once again won the toss (that's four out of five so far this season) and elected to bat first.

Thanks to the damp outfield runs were hard to come by though but a good all round batting performance saw us score a reasonable 97 from our twenty overs. However we weren't expecting this to be enough to secure victory (in fact we were expecting to be beaten) but some good bowling saw us manage to continue our winning streak !


There's no messing about this week and we're straight into the action with Ian taking strike.

Sadly the size of image available for these match reports means that you can't really make him out but Darren McKenzie makes his Jollys debut.


Meanwhile back on the boundary Jol might have arrived late and missed his opening slot but he's still keen to show us how you;re supposed to bat

As usual though we watch attentively, nod our heads in sagely agreement then go out and play our usual game. i.e. flail wildly at anything within hitting distance.


Billy is keen to get going again.


Once more the Jolly have decamped away from the main areas of midge congregation and have made their usual shanty town of bags, beer bottles and coats on the boundary.


And after a good knock Darren finally succumbs and rejoins us on the boundary. But a good first knock for the Jollys has shown us the way to go. Ogs strides out to carry on the good work !


And look who's here. It's the Jollys latest recruits the "Gallacher Brothers" who have been forcibly removed from the pub and politely asked if they'll have a game of cricket (followed by a return to the pub and a frther beer or twelvety).


Back on the pitch and "Pitbull" Powelly is cracking the ball about. Sadly the damp outfield means that boundaries are hard to come by so we have to make do with puffing and panting our way between the wickets.


The tension is mounting and the massed Jollys huddle around either smoking or lloking for loose change/decent dockers left by the schoolkids.


And it's the end of the innings and Ogs has once again managed to score his 25, retire then come back in at the end and carry his bat. Well done that man !


There's no point bringing out the usual excuses but there are no pictures of us in the field. So all that remains is to finish the game off with the last picture of the day as Powelly asks a Blackpool EVHer if he's got any spare cans.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Well we know they're here somewhere 'cause we can smell 'em. Bzzt. Initial scouting reports have located the fat fools over near the boundary but the winds making it a bit diffcult to reach the buggers. Bzzt. Still it just means we're working up an appetite for later in the season. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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