25th May 2006 home to William Stuart Kitchens

Well the day started badly with Dave frantically ringing round to see if we could get a team together. So despite the close seasons renewed interest (giving us the promise of a large squad) yet again it looked like we would be struggling to get a team out. However a short while later Dave's phone bill had steadily been clocking up but people have at last got back to him and we've assembled a squad.

But we needn't have worried as thanks to a good performance both with the bat and with the ball we once again managed to pull off a win ! Goodness, gracious me this is now three wins out of four in the league for a resplendent Jollys (mind you, let's just see if we can keep this up all season - ed.)


Wowzle ! The pre game excitement is definitely peaking as a pumped up "Bubs" spontaneously breaks into his new dance - the "Hodgson Midge Mambo".

Mind you he could have told Tony that he was about to fly into action - The poor chap thought he'd trodden on a live cable :)


Having lost the toss the Jollys were put into bat. But wait a minute... what's this ? Scottie "Bubs" and Baz opening ? This is a turn up for the books. Let's just hope "Bubs" can continue to dance between the wickets !


Meanwhile back on the boundary Powellys folks have arrived with his younglings. So once again we have a full family outing to see the Jollys in action.

Eeeh... the Jollys are almost like a proper village cricket team (well they've certainly got a full complement of village idiots -ed.)


Back on the pitch the innings has moved along, we've lost a couple of wickets but now John's at the crease. And to show we mean business he's just hefted a mighty four off into the Jolly fans garden.

I just hope he's enjoying the match enough to give it us back 'cause those balls are expensive you know !


Back in midge central Chris notices that his car is sinking into the quagmire that passes for the outfield (yes it is a black bomber, yes it is his car, no he doesn't drive it for a living -ed.) So it's all hands to the rear as we push it out

Having noticed what was going on too late to get a close up shot I was actually expecting to capture a "comedy classic" whereby a great shower of mud would engulf the brave rescuers but it was not to be...


Despite all the off pitch excitement Stuey and John have knuckled down, they're forming a good partnership and the runs are steadily piling up.

Quite frankly though it's making the rest of us tired just watching them speed between the wickets (the damp outfield preventing much in the way of boundary shots - ed.)


Well we couldn't find our lost ball but Dave takes the opportunity to present the Jollys fan with this seasons fixture book.

Mind you even this simple action proved to be beyond the Jollys as we started off by giving him another copy of last seasons book "I've already got one of these you fools !".


Well this shot comes wth many apologies to Stu. But having actually managed to capture the ball taking out your centre stump it was too good a picture for me not to use it !

But there was ample consolation though as it was another good innings from the Jolly Boys flying machine which has put us in a good position.


A couple of wickets later it's Daves turn to go in and he's soon struggling to keep up with Johns frenzied running. In fact John was running so fast that we thought he was going to lap him at one point. (we're not all as fast as Stuey -ed.)

So the Jollys innings comes to an end with us posting a very respectable 98 from our 12 overs. As usual there was nobody to take any pictures of us in the field so all I can report is that despite a good effort by the William Stuart Kitchens we once again emerged victorious !


Well the game is over, we've won and we're back in the pub celebrating again. But what a poor victory shot... Not so much as a single pint is raised in Triumph.

In fact this shot only made it into the report due to Baz who's doing a fine impression of an extra from the exorcist (Aieee ! just look at his eyes - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Not much doing today, Bzzzt. It was a bit damp so most of the lasses were still out shopping and they missed the match. Bzzzt. Still there was a good offer on some nice millipints of nectar for our fellas which kept 'em quiet for most of the evening (it's only female midges who suck blood - ed.).

As you know we've been pretty quiet so far this season but don't worry. Bzzzt. We're sure to make up for it later on in the year... Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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