29th June 2006 home to Land Registry

Well after last weeks heroics we didn't think it could get any better... And then it did ! Bart continued with his fine form with the bat and the rest of the lads, deciding they were not going to be outdone, joined in and produced a fearsome display of batting.

So after our 14 innings we'd amassed a mighty total of 200 plus ! Well there was no way that Land Registry were going to equal that (especially seeing that Mr. Tucker wasn't playing - ed.) so once again the Jollys emerged victorious and with maximum points !!!


And they're off. For the third week running we're batting first and John is so keen to get out there that he's already getting his forward defensive shot bedded in.

But this is the Jollys ! We'll have no defensive shots tonight, there's a game to be won and a limited number of overs to do it in !


Just look what the sun can do ? It's the first appearance of P.D. this season who's brought his young ladies along to see the "clown princes" (tm) of the evening league.


Now this is keenness. We've not even started playing yet and man of the moment Bart is already getting his gloves on ready for the off. Having clocked up 115 last week he's keen to add to his averages.

But hopefully he'll have to wait a while yet as John and Ogs are opening and we've got high hopes for the pair of 'em.


But what's this ? Jol's turned up late which is not like him. But wait a minute... there's something missing... where's his cricket gear ? What do you mean he's not playing ?

Sadly it turns out he's been summoned to a meeting with his fancy mates at Great Eccleston cricket club so is having a rest from the Jollys this week.


Ogs returns to the boundary having made 18 and having helped the score along nicely. So the bad news is that our first wicket's down but the good news is this means that Bart is back in the middle.

So will he continue where he left off last week ?


Not long afterwards John has also been caught so has rejoined us back on the boundary having made a splendid 44. So it's now Ian supporting Bart at the wicket where they take a "nice little break" between overs so they can discuss the shocking price of scones.


Well Bart and Ian are not only sticking in there like a couple of limpets but they're thrashing the ball about relentlessly. With the score now reaching astronomical proportions Bubs gets on the phone to Ladbrokes in a vain attempt to place a bet on the Jollys winning again.

Sadly though there's nothing doing as the lady on the other end says "who, the Jolly Monkeys ?, sorry Mr Beadle I think you're trying to wind me up." and puts the phone down on him.


Well it's the end of the Jolly innings and we've managed to score 200 runs ! Special mention must once again be made of Bart who carried his bat for a splendid 89. This is simply unbelievable and there's only one word for it... "magic darts" - (c) Sid Waddell

One things for sure, Land Registry are going to have their work cut out beating that total !


And look at the turn out. There are nearly as many spectators as players this week. They must have known something special was in the air (either that or someone has been circulating the "there'll be free beer and cakes" rumour again -ed.)


Well due to the splendid spectator turn out there are some pictures of us in the field this week. And it was just as well as our bowlers, who were trying not to be outdone by the batsmen, pulled out all the stops.

In fact there were some simply amazing feats with the ball as not only did we get it on target but both Baz and I managed to get two wickets on the trot (this picture being taken just after my second wicket).

Sadly when it came to deliver the vital third hat trick ball Baz managed to bowl a soft delivery and I bowled a wide but at least we tried :)


Despite the enormity of the task facing them Land Registry continue to gamely plug away and take every opportunity to add to their total.

But the massive Jolly Boys total proves to be uncatchable and they end their innings on 128 for 8.


And the game ends with another Jollys victory ! So all that is left to do is for us to clean up the empty cans and for Sal to give us our usual after match report. Here she is describing how pathetically wide of the wicket my attempted hat trick ball was...

Or is she describing the size of the sandwich she made Baz for tea ? (I do hope he's left room for his regulation after match gallon - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Well I warned the ladies well in advance that the Jollys would be here this evening but most of them preferred to stay in and watch the football. Bzzt. Still a few of us could be bothered to fly about and we had ourselves a nice lunch. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

I wish they'd stop wearing that insect repellant though as it tastes simply awful. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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