1st June 2006 home to Layton Institute

Phewee ! Thursday night saw the cricket take place in some weather which can only be described as scorchio ! But the old sun had definitely got his hat on for the Jollys as we manage to produce our fourth league win of the season against a slightly under strength Layton Institute side.


Well we win the toss and decide to bat. And this week it's Powelly and Toms turn to open the batting. Despite the heat they get off to a good start and are soon running around under the baking sun.

A few more weeks of this and the outfield might actually be dry enough to get a few fours along the ground !


Back on the boundary Stuey is so hot that his shirt has melted clean off. Luckily he brought along a few of those new "shirt in a can" drinks "just drink enough of 'em and you'll feel like you've got a nice coat on (tm)".

Now if only Ian had brought along some "pants in a can" he could be enjoying a drink too.


Ohhh... just when we thought there might be a personal 50 coming up... Powelly loses his wicket and has to return to the sidelines having scored a magnificent 37.


Well wickets have been falling steadily but not too quickly and, more importantly, not too cheaply so it's looking quite good fo the Jollys. Now it's Ian and Jol's turn to keep the score ticking over.


Several overs and couple of wickets later including that of your humble scribe (who actually got 9 - ed.) Ogs has joined the fray and is producing some magnificent strokes.

Coupled with Jol steadily putting runs on at the other end and things are still looking good for the Jollys.


And things are also looking good for Boots the Chemists as if this lot don't get their shirts back on soon they'll definitely be in need of some after sun cream tomorrow.

Never mind that say the lads, we need some more beer now ! The cans we brought have evaporated already...


Meanwhile back on the pitch the Jollys innings has come to an end without further loss. So a very hot and thirsty Jol & Ogs return to the sidelines having managed to keep their wickets and we end with a very commendable 112 from our 12 overs.

(So now it'll be time for the usual Jollys bowling collapse eh ? -ed.)


But what's this ? pictures of us fielding ? Well Baz might not have been able to arrive in time to play but he did turn up just after the interval so we actually have a cameraman this week.

Back on the field though Layton seem uninterested in the script and are piling the runs on at a steady rate. It's 5 overs in, the runs are coming steadily, and Ogs decides there's nothing for it but to bring himself into the attack. But what happens next ?


Bowled him ! Thanks to cameraman Baz being unused to the speed of the new Jolly cameras shutter (i.e. it actually goes off just after you press it instead of a second later like the old one -ed.) we got a picture just before, and a picture just after, the first wicket.

But this could be a crucial wicket as Layton were going "great guns" and were looking favourite to overtake our score.


Well it's several overs later and buoyed by the breakthrough we've started taking wickets at regular intervals. More importantly though we're holding the scoring rate down thanks to some keen fielding. To see how keen just look at Dave who's chasing the batsman who's chasing the ball !

But despite frantic efforts like this you can't bet on anything with the Jollys and the game ends up with Powelly bowling the last over with Layton needing 21 off 8 balls to win. With tension mounting the first three balls go for 7 so can they get another 15 off the last 5 balls ?


No they couldn't (despite a great effort -ed.) so it's Hooray for the Jollys ! It was a nerve racking last few balls but we manage to scrape home so the teams leave the field with us having registered our fourth league win of the season.

(And you can see how hot it was as the game is over but the sun is still streaming down on us -ed.)


Once again we end up back in old Town Hall for a victory pint (or ten -ed.) but sadly no tea...

It's just a shame that, due to the complete imbecility of Poulton council, and the heavy handed attitude of the local Police that we can no longer enjoy our victory pints outside the pub (see previous years pictures for happier times - ed.)

Still it's up to the local populace to register their disgust at the new licensing laws so don't just sit there. if you live in Poulton write to your councillor now.



But what's this ? it's a disaster for the Jolly Boys that's what it is... Having returned home after thursdays match Powelly found his lads having a kick about, and being the good dad that he is, decided to join in. So what does he do next ? Stand on the ball thereby turning his foot over and breaking a bone in it.

Buggeration... So that's Powelly out for a good few weeks... (Good to see that at least he can still make it out to the pub though - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Well despite the Jollys offering a lot of flesh for us to attack it was far too hot for us to fly around much. Bzzt. So a few of us had a light lunch but we had to pass on the banquet. Bzzzt. Bring on a nice damp evening that's what we say. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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