10th August 2006 away at Layton Institute

Well it's getting towardsthe end of the sesaon but that's no excuse for the poor turn out tonight with both teams fielding a below strength squad. But after winning the toss the threadbare Jollys put Layton Institute in to bad and, by judicious use of the massive gaps between fielders, watched them amass a respectable 146 from their 12 overs.

Needless to say this was too much for us to chase down so we lose a second consecutive game. Still at least there was one highlight for the Jollys as young Joe Powell made his fielding debut. Not only that but he saved several fours !

As you've now come to expect the terrifically reduced Jollys team meant that there are no pictures of us in the field. And as your humble scribe also had to do the book this week there were precious little action pictures at all this week !!!


It's a blustery night so, having arrived early, John & Tom are actually doing a spot of warming up before the game.


A threadbare looking squad forlornly seek shelter from the wind by making camp under the trees.

Note also Baz praying for more bodies to turn up.


Well there's one young man who's happy with the poor turn out as Joe prepares to make his debut for the Jollys. (now that's what I call a youth policy - ed.)

But he's under strict instructions from Dad - field right on the edge of the boundary, keep your eyes on he game and don't attempt to catch anything that's come from a great height !


Well they're off with Jol & Powelly opening. But it's going to be tough to beat the Institutes total of 117 with tonights threadbase line up.

Still we're not complaining. The game's there for the winning but it will require a converted effort from all of us. (you could start by not drinking all those cans of beer -ed.)


And just look at the changing weather conditions as a bevy of clouds come scudding into view - just as the sun gets his hat on for a bit (actually this was one of the few pictures that were usable - ed.)


Meanwhile out in the middle Powelly has been bowled so it's John's turn at the crease. So here he is knocking up a mini duststorm as we chase the runs. The more perceptive of you will also notice how dry the pitch is looking after the summer heatwave.


Well there weren't many usable pitures tonight so here's another action shot of... er... not sure really as I've mislaid my magnifying glass (this is pathetic -ed.)

But once again you'll notice the ever changing light conditions as things go from gloom to sunshine then back to gloom again (I'm just suprised this didn't turn into the makings of a good excuse - ed.)


Well the run chase was in vain and we ended up 20 runs short of Layton Institutes total.

So finally to stop any arguments in the Powell household ("he got his picture on the website, where's mine... WAHHHH !!!!" etc. etc. - ed.) here's a picture of the Jollys youth team.

And who knows ? this could be the first sneak preview of the Jolly Boys league winning team of 2028 !!!

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Brrr. It was a bit cold and windy for our Stanley Park cousins to come out to play. Bzzt. But it looks next weeks home game against Warbreck HIll will be the last chance for us to drink some Jolly Blood. Bzzt. Bzzzt.

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