21st June 2006 away to Warbreck Hill

Our first visit to the lovely Warbreck Hill ground this season saw the wind come out in full force to greet us. But the good news for the Jollys was the return to action of Bart thanks to a full recovery from his heel injury.

One thing's for certain though his three week absence has certainly given him an appetite for the game as he went on to score a century - the first time this has ever been achieved by a Jolly Boy in the evening league. And let us not forget the sterling contribution of Baz who played an excellent supporting role whilt amassing a career best 28.

So depite the blustery conditions it was a great day for the Jollys who came away victorious and with maximum points in the bag !


Yet again we start off well by winning the toss and deciding to bat (this is getting to be quite a habit -ed.). So having "got off on the good foot" Dave threatens me with the batting order saying that I've been promoted to 5.

Oh botheration... barring a miracle, it looks like it'll be "welcome to the Duck club" for yours truly this week.


Hoorah ! This is the sight the Jollys have been waiting for. Not only is Bart back fit and well but he's so keen to get into the fray that he's opening the batting - with Baz of all people !


And they're not hanging about out there. Bart gets straight into the swing of things and is soon peppering fours all over the gound. This is a simply sensational comeback !


Meanwhile back on the boundary the excitement has reached fever pitch. In fact it's so exciting some young ladies from the running club have even popped out of the hut to see the Jollys in action ! (either that or Johns aftershave has been wafting into the changing rooms -ed.).


But never mind all the off field action just look at Baz ! three quarters of the overs have gone and he's still at the crease. This is an unprecedented display of batting with Bart knocking the ball all over the show and Baz playing an excellent supporting role at the other end.

Ooh la la, C'est magnifique !.


Oh... Just when we thought Baz might even carry his bat he goes and gets himself out. But he's just notched up a career best 28 and you can see the delight on his face as he comes running back to the pavillion.

(Actually he'd just heard the "pffft" of a beer can opening and was desperate for a drink - ed.)


Well we're into the last overs, there's only been one wicket taken and Barts made a century. No that's not a misprint Bart has just racked up 100 runs for the Jolly Boys !

(Taking out onion) Never in the history of the Jolly Boys have we seen such an amazing sight... A jolly Boy actually playing the game as it should be played and succeeding. THis is nearly as good as Col taking a hat trick whilst being completely out of his tree and bolwing with a broken leg (we kid you not -ed.)


And it's the end of the innings and a triumphant Bart and Bubs leave the field having taken us to a mighty score (er... do check the total with Dave before you get it wrong again -ed.)

And it proved too much for Warbreck Hill to beat as some fine bowling secured the victory.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Where were those Jollys ? Bzzt. Were they away again this week ?. Bzzt. Bzzzt. We're getting hungry back at Fortress Hodgson. Bzzt. Bzzt.

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