2008: Latest News

2008/09/28: For the second year running the Jollys win on finals day. See exclusive footage of us celebrating to the sounds of King Tubby on the latest exciting Youtube video:

2008/07/30: The jollys have found a mascot ! Apparently the Malaysian "Pen Tailed Tree Shrew" spends most of it's day drinking fermented nectar from Bertram plants which "has an alcohol content that can match beer" Well at an average 4% it's not quite up to the standards of our preferred German lagers, and it's definitely not brewed to the Reinheitsgebot, but it's great for free :)

It should also be mentioned that, like the Jollys themselves, the little shrews are able to hold their beer without being unsteady on their feet, resorting to unpleasantness or vomiting.

a drunken shrew has a nice little swing

2008/06/16: It's all over... the Becks has all gone... At approximately 17:30 on Sunday afternoon Sarah McGrahan purchsed the last pint of Becks and the barrel was dry. However being public spirited she gave the pint to "Carpet" Col who eagerly guzzled the last of the precious liquid. It's a total disgrace.

So what will the Jollys do after Thursdays game ? We're not drinking Fosters that's for sure, and only the more respectable members of the team can afford the (very drinkable but overpriced) Warstarter. (that's "Warstenier" to you - ed).

Ho hum, I suppose we'll have to go and sit on the park with a bottle of Becks - I just hope the local J.D.s don't nick our pads :)

2008/06/15: View the excitement of a Jolly Boys match... Having finally got his Linux box to boot your intrepid reporter has managed to create a small Flash movie of an over from the Soul Suite game. And apologies for the whiny sound track (no he's not talking about the team - ed.) but this is "as good as it gets" from the built in Audio of my Canon 1620... Ho hum, c'est la vie !

2008/06/15: Join in the sadness as we prepare to bid farewell to Poulton-Le-Fylde's best pint of lager - A pint of Becks in the Old Town Hall. Listen to the Northern oafs discussing the marvels of this new "vid-e-o" technology... Hear the politeness of the Staff as they thank their drunken customers... Oh how we'll miss all this.

2008/03/08: Tom's sent out an email with this seasons fixtures. So start preparing for this years "entertainment" !