2007: Latest News

2007/09/02: Well what do you know, the Jollys win finals day to claim the inaugral Fylde Twenty20 league title ! What a turn up for the books...

2007/05/27: Whilst idly searching online we found a reasonably entertaining online cricket game. And as you can embed it within your site it would be rude of us not to do so. Click here to play.

2007/05/27: A good day out at the rained off cricket at Headingley is somewhat spoiled by three of the team being left behind for being late rendevouzing with the minibus. Humour thresholds are breached, we just about make the last train home (thanks to Daves credit card), tempers are lost and toys go out of the pram (with your humble scribe being amongst the worst toy throwers...)

But a valiant diplomatic effort by Ogs sees ruffled feathers soothed well in time for thursdays game.

2007/05/18: Well it's all change for the Jollys. The new season starts well with us playing in a new league, with new webspace, and a win in the first game !

Having got bored with the lack of customer service at our old ISP the Temple of Din is in the process of moving to UKFSN. So we thought we'd put the money saved towards some proper web hosting. So here we are at our new home !

As we've now got some proper webspace we though we'd also add a few new features to the site. First up is the addition of an RSS feed so you can keep up to date with all the latest exploits of the Jolly Boys. Truly excitement will peak !

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