Hello you there and welcome to the home page of Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier cricket club - the internationally famous Jolly Boys ! And to give you a taste of what this sites all about here's a picture summing up our exploits so far.... Our best bat is broken, the pitch is leaning at a simply terrible angle and I'm afraid to say we've probably been drinking...

So come on in y'all.... There's no team like the Jolly Boys and this is the only site where you can read about our exploits in the Blackpool cricket leagues (the league are either too tight or simply ashamed to put up their own page). So put your best frocks on, power up your entertainment glands, and let's get started. Click on the broken bat to begin !

Click on the broken bat to enter the world of the Jolly Boys !

Regular visitors will have noticed that there's now several seasons worth of rubbish to show you. Not only that but we've now splashed out and got some proper web hosting. So who knows there may be some real treats in store over the coming season (not if it's up to you to code it you lazy sod - ed.)

Finally you may also have noticed the W3C logos that can be found at the bottom of all our pages. This is because the Jollys care about the web and we care about the continued use of open, non propietary, standards that are used to build it. That's why we take the trouble to try and make web pages that are accessible for all.

It's also why we encourage the use of the Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers. Both browsers are built with regard to supporting W3C standards and feature such things as inbuilt popup blocking, tabbed browsing (once you've tried it you'll never go back) and, due to not supporting Microsofts rotten Active-X technology, prevent scum sites hijacking your start page and installing cruddy spyware controls etc. etc. Versions are available for Windoze, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS/s, Solaris x86 and Solaris SPARC so give them a go today and help keep the web free (as in speech !)

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