26 May 2005 away to the Dunes

Ah... after our rampaging series of wins this week sees the return of normal service as we our fall to our ususal low scoring loss. Batting first a poor total is amassed, with the loss of most of our wickets, and the Dunes have no trouble in polishing off the required runs. Still we did take a few of their wickets so it wasn't an unmitigated disaster.

Once again the usual fielding duties and a lack of willing fans meant we were unable to bring you any pictures of the Dunes innings. One day we'll get some pictures of us in the field... One day... But will you thank us for it ? I thought not...


The games not even started and already the tension caused by our unprecedented winning streak is proving too much for Baz and he starts rolling a cigarette to calm his nerves.


Meanwhile the ever calm Scotty Bubs is totally unaffected by the prospect of making it six on the trot. So he merely indulges in a spot of pocket billiards whilst contemplating when he'll ever get a chance to wash last seasons mud out of his kit..


And we're 4 overs into the innings and Baz still hasn't finished rolling his fag. Not only that but the camera fails to catch the full effect of Daves miracle scoreboard (damn the shutter lag on this pesky digital camera !)


Arrrgghhh !!! Good job Thommo's not playing as there are buses galore tonight (see 27th May 2004 away to the Dunes for details) Ian however is undeterred by transport troubles and is trying his best to rack up a decent score for the "Masters of Disaster" (tm). Just keep those legs up and all will be well.


Oh but back on the bench it's getting a bit much for the lads. The score's not ticking along nicely and we've turned to drink. Poor Stu's so tense he's had to resort to using his infamous bicycle crutch to keep upright.


But Ians' still struggling away in the middle. If you look closely at this picture you can even see a small puff of dirt and the ball racing away to the boundary (n.b. magnifying glasses are definitely required and don't come complaining to me if you strain your eyes. You know we don't have much web space so the pictures have to be shrunk, shrunk, shrunk to fit on the page ! - ed.)


Bah but it's no good. The wickets are falling steadily, the runs are piling on at the speed of an over 80s 100 metre race and the vultures are beginning to circle (yet again it's magnifying glass time after which you'll notice they're actually seagulls. This man's really is an idiot - ed.)


Botheration. It's the end of the Jollys innings and we've only put a mere 71 on the board. Needless to say the Dunes soon knocked them off for a well deserved win. Still at least this meant we got back to the pub early where we commiserated the end of our winning streak deep into the night (i.e. the landlord kicked us out at the usual time).

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