3rd August 2011 Away At Warbreck

Despite it seeming like we've just got started we find ourselves visiting Warbreck for the last game of the season. And once again we find ourselves without the services fo Tom and Ian who are both unavailable and Ogs who is still injured following his ankle injury at Blackpool.

Having won the toss Warbreck naturally decide to bat and they've got a strong side tonight. After a few overs it becomes apparent that they're looking to get a decent total and they certainly go about it the right way as, despite us using our best new match ball, the runs keep on coming. In fact they like hitting our lovely "corky" so much that they end up heaving it into the adjoining dyke never to be seen again. Oh well we finish up with a substitiute ball and at the end of the innings they've posted a very good 146 for the loss of only 4 wickets.

So we've got it all to do if we want to continue on from last weeks victory. But it's a decent summers evening, we've got 20 overs to go at, and we're quietly confident. Our innings starts well with Will retiring on 25 and Dave Stoddard (who is once again opening) getting a quick 9. After this we kept the runs coming with Coker retiring on 25 and Jolyon getting 18. Sadly after this though it all started to go downhill slightly with only Frosty managing to make double figures with 10. After this the tail offered no real resistance and, despite Will returning to the crease, our innings ended with us having made 134 for 9 which left us 8 runs short and Warbreck worthy winners.

So that's the last league game of 2011. But we can hopefully look forward to finals day (mathematically we should make it -ed.) but to finsh off you can once again see score cards of the Warbreck and Jollyboys innings.


So here we are back at Warbreck for the last game of the season. And it seems like they've even got a nice new sign up since our last visit (either that or our memory really is fading fast - ed.)


And next to the pavillion there's a game of rounders in full swing. Maybe that's something to consider when we're too old for cricket but still too young for bowls ? (i.e. in about 15 minutes time -ed.)


And thanks to Ogs still being sidelined with his ankle injury this week we also have some fielding pictures !

Here we see Dave and the Warbreck opener trying to coax a stray bee away from the ball.


Dave was so keen to get into the field he even forgot his hat. Good job Shannon was on hand to bring it out to him.


As it's the last game of the season we thought we'd add an extra bonus feature so let's play spot the ball. The person whose cross is nearest the centre of the ball wins a signed Jollys athletic support.

(Oh good grief, you've put up the wrong picture you idiot - ed.)


Back at the wicket Warbreck are positively piling up the runs so their umpire takes the opportunity to have a quick tab.


So it comes towards the end of the Warbreck innings and they eventually leave the field with 146 runs on the score board and with only 4 wickets lost. We've got our work cut out again !


Once again Will opens the batting where he faces a well placed wide.


Meanwhile Jol and Powelly are on a mission to recover our brand new match ball which was unceremoniously hoisted into the nearby dyke.


Ad what's this ? For the second week running Dave has been promoted into the second opening spot and he's doing himself proud. One thing's for sure Tom and Will have both got competition.


back at the pavillion the Jollys have been herded into the Corall with the exception of Coker who has cunningly managed to clip out by the side entrance.


Out at the wicket Will has retired and Dave has been bowled for 9 so it's time for Stu to come in. Sadly though he only made a quick single before being given out LBW.


So on comes Coker who plays a splendid innings eventuallg going on to retire on 25.


And Coker was ably supported by Jol who put on 18 runs before being bowled by a cracker.


Out on the sidelines Dave has doscovered a treasure trove of abandoned clohing. Sadly none of the items are quite his size or colour though.


Botheration. With Jol having gone Powelly is at the crease but he doesn't least long before getting bowled.


At the other end Frosty has put his pads on and is soon playing some fine shots on his way to a quick 10.


And batting down at number 8 this week Dave only manages a quick sinlge before getting caught. Sadly there are no more pictures to show this week though as our last few wickets go for not many runs and, despite Will returning to the crease, Warbreck emerge worthy winners.


So it's all back to the old Town Hall where Des does us proud with an absolutely end of season-tastic feast !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Well another season ends and we're still a little short of blood for our egg casings. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Still there's always the schoolkids to nibble on, and at least their blood isn't quite as full of booze as the Jollys. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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