11th July 2011 Away At Eye Catchers

Well most of the squad had been over at Great Ecclestone on the Sunday where we watched some great cricket as Vernon Carus narrowly defeated Great Ecclestone with the last ball of the Moore & Smalley Palace Shield Twenty20 final. So having spent most of the preceeding day in the hot sun (i.e. guzzling plenty of refreshments - ed.) come Monday night it was a somewhat tired squad that made the trek down to windy South Shore.

Having lost the toss for the second game on the trot we found ourselves fielding but, with the long boundaries of South Shore, we manage to keep Eye Catchers score right down and they end their innings on 115 for 6.

Normally this would be a reasonable target to chase but there was a sense of us not being really up for it on the night. So despite our best efforts we found ourselves losing wickets faster than we could get runs. However we finally found ourselves in the situation of needing 17 to win with 3 overs to go With Ez having got a single off the first ball it was then Jol facing and no sooner had the bowler let go of the ball umpire Frosty gave a no ball. Jol then played and missed and the keeper stumped him. So the players then came off and it was only when we got ack to the Old Town Hall we realised that the rules are very clear on a no ball. The batsman can only be given out stumped if they attempt to make a run. Oh well. This summed up the game really as we lose our second game on the trot.

And thanks to using a completely different sort of scorebook this week you can see both innings in one picture !


The squad arrive at South Shore with some members of the squad still feeling the effects of yesterdays Twenty20 final at Great Ecclestone.


As usual Will opens the batting but this week Tom is unavailable so Powelly steps up to join him.


And botheration. No sooner has he got started before Powelly has a disaster and hits his own wicket. In fact he's so disgusted he manages to get right out of the picture !


Which means it's Stu Holloway coming in to bat. Sadly there was no repeat of last matches heroics either as he goes cheaply for a mere 3.


Which bring Ogs to the crease where he starts off with a lovely 4... before being bowled. Oh dear we can feel the makings of a traditional Jollys collapse coming on...


But just when we think it's all going to go wrong in comes Jol who manages to settle things down with some good shots.


Well Will and Jol are ticking the score along reasonably well so Dave (who is out injured) tries to teach us some batting basics. Old Dogs and new tricks eh ?


Back on the wicket Will has been caught for 16 so in comes "Cockney" Stu who will also be looking to continue last matches good form.


Play is interrupted by the thundering of an incoming jet which makes Will wonder where he's left his passport.


Undeterred by the noisy interruption Jol hits a single to retire on 25 (though he was diassapointed to have only hit a single - ed.)


Having also been inspired by the might jet engines "Cockney" Stu zooms in for another couple of runs.


Sadly though Coker faces and there's a wicked bounce which just beats the bat and takes out his off stump. Luckily for Coker I pressed the button early so I miseed the wickets splaying apart.


Poor old Dave continues his bad form with the bat. Having had to get padded up myself I missed Ez going in, missed Stu getting bowled for a decnet 13, but managed to get the cameraready just in time to see Dave walking off.


Once again a classic Jollyboys sting operation catches Stuey red handed talking to the Geoffrey Boycott batting advice line. Costly prehaps but it might explain his recent good form with the bat.


Well we're behind the run rate, we've not got many wickets left but the squad are quietly confident that we can still do it.


But it's a disaster for Baz as he too is bowled for nought.


Which means it our last man in. Sadly your humble scribe can only manage a quick 5 before getting bowled off his pads. So with Ez at the other end it's Jol now returning to the crease with 31 runs to get and 4 overs to go.


The lads know they've got their work cut out but Ez is playing intelligently just taking the singles and letting Jol take the strike. It might be a long shot but we're stil in with a chance.


Well the match ends with some controversy as umpire Frosty clearly signals a no ball, Jol steps out of his crease to attack it, misses the ball, is stumped by the keeper and is given out.

Stop Press: After much debate (and the use of an internet search back in the pub) we come to the conclusion that Jol should not have been out as the law clearly states you can only be stumped off a no ball if you're attempting a run. Oh well, the umpire's decision is final but we'll know for next time !


So the teams leave the field with Eye Catchers victorious. And if you're wondering why there are no cpitures of the butties this week it's because we forgot to tell Si that we'd rearranged the match...

So it was a truly tired and emotional Jollys that made their way home after the pub closed !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: What they're away again this week ? Bzzzt. but there's hardly any wind and it's looking to be a lovely evening this Thursday. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Gah ! THose peky Jollys have evaded us once againa... Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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