7th July 2011 Away At Rushale

Well the report was late this week as I'm afraid I was on North Pier all Saturday following which it was Twenty20 finals day at Great Ecclestone on the Sunday which didn't leave a lot of time for tryping up the report ! So apologies all round.

But Thursday saw us visit Rushale on a lovely summers evening. Having won the toss Rushale naturally decided to bat but there was a sensational start by the Jollys who removed both openers in the first 2 overs of the game without either batsman putting on a run. However despite this initial setback the Rushale batsmen managed to recover well and, despite us gettng wickets regularly they managed to put up a decent total of 142 for 9. And following a couple of early season howlers special mention must also go to Dave Stoddard who took an excellent catch !

So with the evening sun now low in the sky we take to the field knowing that we'll have to put in a good perfomance with the bat. Sadly though despite Will keeping one end going our wickets were soon falling regularly but a middle order recovery by the "two Stus" (Stu Holloway 35 and Stu Morrison 20) saw us get right back in the game and it ended with Will and Stu holloway batting with us needing 11 to win off the last over.

Will started the over by getting a single off the first ball which brought Stu to face. And a mighty hit saw the ball go all the way to the boundary... straight to a waiting fielder... who promptly let the ball bounce out of his hands. From our vantage point on the pavillion we thought the ball had gone for 6 but Keith (who was far nearer to the event) said it was a four. Follwing this the next ball went for 2, the next for 1 and the next for 2. So at this point there was one ball to play with us needing 1 to draw and 2 to win. Sadly for us we didn't manage any runs as Will was unlucky enough to be caught.

Well one things for sure it's never a dull game against Rushale as, following our early last ball draw, we lose the game by a single run. Once again you may also see pictures of the Rushale innings and the Jollyboys innings.


Once more Will and Tom open the innings.


But no sooner is Tom off the mark than he gets a wicked bounce and is out for 5.


Still there's no panic in the Jollys ranks yet as the squad catch a few rays.


Meanwhile Shannon has decided to go and explore the second floor of the pavillion (probably going to drop stuff on the snoozing Jollys - ed.)


Botheration Dave manages to get a quick 2 before he too is bowled by a good 'un. Luckily for Dave the only picture I got was the beginning of a decent forward defensive.


Luckily for us Will is scoring freely down the other end and having been joined by Jol he's soon returning to the pavillion having scored his 25.


So it's back to the pavillion for a spot of pocket billiards as Dave attempts to hatch a master plan.


Out at the wicket Jol has been joined by Ian and they start looking to push the score along.


Luckily for Jol I manage to miss his wicket falling as Ian pushes a single and Jol is then bowled for 7 by another wickedly boucing ball.


So in comes Ogs. Let's see if we can start getting some runs as, apart from Wills contribution we've not scored many and the overs keep ticking over.


Well woudya believe it ? First Ogs is run out without scoring and then Ian gets caught for 5. So Stu Holloway comes to the wicket knowing he's got to get some runs which he does by getting stuck right in.


And he's joined at the wicket by "Cockney" Stu after which the pair of Stus bring us right back into the game with a positively magnificent partnership.


Well Stu Holloway has retired on 25 so it's time for Dave Stoddard to come to the crease. Sadly though he only manages to get a quick 4, before he's returns to the pavillion having been comprehensively bowled.


Botheration. Now poor old "Cocknet" Stu has hit his wicket for 20. But thanks to the two Stu's we're right back in the game and are definitely in with a chance. But we're not there yet as Baz emulates Dave by getting a quick 4 before being bowled. Tension has well and truly mounted in the pavillion.


Which means it's time for our last batsman as your humble scribe manages to make only a raggy single before also getting bowled. Oh dearie, dearie me...


Still this means that we've got both our retirees back at the crease as Will and Stu return for the last couple of overs. And some excellent cricket sees the game go right down to the very last ball where Will unluckily gets caught attempting what would have been a match winning hit.


So after another last ball spectacular we take a quick beer with the Rushale chaps after which it's all back to the Old Town Hall for another splendid selection of sandwiches expertly served by the ever delectable Kirsty !


Stu and Tom just can't decide whether to open the buttying with a bit of cheese, some tuna, the fancy ham or just a spot of lettuce. Decisions, decisions gentlemen !

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Where are the fat fools this week ? Bzzzt. Are they away again ? Bzzzt. Bzzzt. And it's such a lovely evening for us too. Oh well I suppose we'll have to wait until next week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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