8th June 2011 Away At Wyre

Firstly may we just say how sorry we are for forgetting to mention Jolyons spectacular one handed, going the wrong way, right on the boundary, catch last week. Not sorry for failing to report on this spectacular feat (even though it has to be said this was a crucial factor in starting our recovery in the game -ed.) but sorry for how much we've had to hear Jol's complaints in the following week :)

So now that's out of the way let's get back to this weeks action as we make our way to the "palace of random bounce" to face Wyre at Cottam Hall where the groundsman has prepared a splendid wicket with a full 3 inches of grass covering the, barely discrenable, markings. Oh well we've played on worse so let's get on with the show.

Unfortunately I can't remember who won the toss this week (you're useless -ed.) but it's definitely Wyre facing first who produce a good batting display right down the order. Combined with some poor fielding from the Jollys the innings ends up with Wyre having reached a very defendable 122 for 6.

So the Jollys come in to bat knowing we've got a chance but that we'll have to work hard. But it was a bit of a roller coaster again as both Tom and Jolyon batted to retire but the rest of the team mostly managed to get out rather cheaply. However the runs were somehow produced and it ended up with both Jol and Tom back at the crease with an over remaining, with 9 runs required for a Jollys win and with 1 wicket required for a Wyre win. So for the fourth week running it's turned into a cliffhanger !

But Jol was in the mood for victory and he hit the first 3 balls of the over for 2, 4 and 2. So with 1 needed off 3 balls how else could he finish but by hitting a splendid 4 to give us the narrowest of victories (do you think this is enough about Jol now ? - ed.). So commiserations to Wyre and hip, hip hooray for the Jolly, Jolly J !

In Tony's absence you can once again see scorecards for Wyre and Jollyboys.


"Is there anybody there ?" The players are arriving and Dave produces a quite unexpected cloud of ectoplasm. The spirits are with us tonight !


But so are a spectacular display of clouds. Mr Sun might well have his hat on but Mr Rain looks like he might put in a performance.


But on with the game Wyre have taken advantage of some simply terrible Jollys fielding to amass a very decent 122. Which means it's time for Tom and Powelly to open and, in Frosty's absence, for Dave to take first go at umpiring.

And Tom starts us off with a cracking shot to send a wide off to the boundary.


At the other end Powelly is keen to get going and soon gets off the mark.


Botheration. No sooner as he got started Powelly becomes victim to a Cotam Hall special as the ball jags back to take out his off stump.


So in comes Jol who gets underway with a couple of fine shots.


And he's not hanging around today as Jol soon makes his 25 and returns triumphant to the pavillion !


So in comes Ogs but it's not his week as he joins Powelly by making a quick single before getting caught.


Tom has now joined Jol by retiring after making 28 so in comes Ian with plenty of runs still to get but with plenty of overs left to face.


Ably supported at the other end by Dave who looks to push the score along.


Back at base camp the tension is mounting as Ian has been bowled for 7 and Dave has managed to run himself out on 5. So Wyre are now right back in the game.


Back at the crease Ez gets off the mark but is then caught to join Ogs and Powelly in this weeks "1 and out" club. It's starting to look grim for the Jollys.


Just when the ship needed steadying in comes Coker who manages to make a solid 15 before being caught. But those vital runs have brought us back from the brink and we're still in the hunt.


Well your humble scribe is gearing up to bat so Dave takes the opportunity to show me Jols bat. And the only marks is a pink dot right in the sweet spot ! (Wyre were using a pink ball - ed.)


Despite the evening sun there's a chill wind and the Jollys are forced to turn into hoodies.


Well it might not be much of a picture (or a batting stance -ed.) but Dave's advice seems to have done the trick as your humble scribe manages to get 10 runs before being run out with an over to go. So we're all set for a big finish as we've got Jol on strike, Tom back at the other end, 9 required to win and 6 balls reamining


Well what a finish ! Jol simply attacks the bowling and the first three balls go for 2, 4 and 2 to level the scores. And with 3 blass remaining h cracks off another 4 to seal victory for the Jollys !


Which means it's all back to the Old Town Hall for another splendid tray of butties !


But that's not all this week as Des pulls out the stops with a splendid extra tray containing a selection of Indian snacks.


Well it doesn't take much to entertain the Jollys as Dave finished the day with a game of imaginary pool with his imaginary friends. (This wouldn't be too bad but he still managed to lose by potting the imaginary black - ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: So the fat fools are at Cottam Hall this week are they ? Bzzzt. Well we're not flying all that way in this wind so we'll just have to let our country cousins have a go at them Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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