19th May 2011 Home To Rushale

A fine evening sees us face Rushale in our second home game of the season. And having looked at the clubs financial situation and found a surplus of funds Dave has taken the executive decision that we need to trim the excess by investing in beer ! So a cooler box of Becks was duly acquired and will be a new feature in this seasons fixtures !

Having won the toss we naturally decided to bat first and after a start like this how could we go wrong ? But Rushale had come to win and some tight bowling saw us restricted to a mere 105 off our full complement of twenty overs which left Rushale needing to score 5.25 an over to win.

So we took to the field knowing we had to put in some tight bowling and with Rushale knowing all they needed to do was tick the score along. But far from taking it easy they came out and started piling on the runs. Not to be outdone though our bowlers soon got their eye in and we brough matters back under control. But the runs were still going on steadily and it ended up with Rushale needing 4 to win with 1 over remaining. So Ogs stepped up to bowl the final over and the first ball went for 2, the second for one leaving just one run to get.

But on the next ball the batsman hit it towards deep mid off and set off for the run not realising that your humble scribe had charged in from the boundary and, making amends for his awful golden duck, managed both to scoop it up and throw it in for a direct hit. Consternation ensued as the Jollys realised they'd saved the game !

So this week sees the game end in an honourable draw and, thanks to Tony's sterling efforts, you can once again see the score card !


Well this week we start with an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Jollyboys as Ogs reveals the contents of his kit bag. Whilst we'd like to say this isn't the contents of a typical cricketers kit bag I think it probably is.


Once again Tom leads us into the fray as Keith gives his answer to the question "What do you think the Jollys chances are this week ?"


Having seen his kitbag Dave asks Ogs to open with Tom and he's straight into the thick of things. Unfortunately though he was soon back to enjoy his refreshments.


Which means it's Jol's turn to step up to bat. Out on the boundary young Emily has realised it's Jol at the crease which has caused her to swoon with excitement.


Luckily she comes round just in time as Jol fires the next ball straight at her. We'll not be getting that one back chaps as it'll be going straight in her memorabilia draw.


Back at base camp Dexter is on the hunt for stray sandwiches, rabbits or bits of crisp.


Sadly, and much to his consternation, Jol has just got himself out by hitting it straight to backward point (he's been looking at fielding positions on the internet - ed.) so it's time for Stu to start his first innings of the season.


Out on the boundary Ez and Dave are trying to get Dexter back from the adjoining gardens whilst the squad take in the onfield action.


And with Ian now at the wicket there is some action to be seen as he gets stuck ito the bowling with aplomb !


Ably assisted by Powelly who has taken over from Tom.


Oh dear... Tony realises that "delete all, no backsies" was perhaps not the correct function to choose. Good job the developer thought to include an "undo" function :)


Out at the wicket Dave takes to the field with his comedy bat which features a ball glued to the end of it. It might not get runs but it takes a great photo and it doesn't half confuse the umpires !


Dexter has finally been retrieved from the gardens so is now firmly on his lead.


Well Ian has retired after making his 25, we're down to the last couple of wickets and the last couple of beers so the squad all take place around the cooler box.


Baz manages to get off the mark whilst your humble scribe gets ready to set off to take strike... To be promptly bowled out for a golden. Botheration...


Double botheration and bumsticks. I arrive back at base camp to find that all the beer has evaporated. Knickers.


Well we're out of wickets which means Ian resumes only to get caught going for glory so we end our innings with 105. So having started off well Rushale were firm favourites to win but some parsimonious mid innings bowling saw them needing 3 runs to win with three balls left. And to end the match with total drama we ran them out just as they'd levelled the scores. So an honourable draw it was.


So it's back to the old Town Hall where Des has to restrain Kylie... Kelly er... Kirsty ! and explain that the sandwiches are for the cricketers - it's not part of their staff bonus !


Sadly whilst powering it down I'd managed to switch the camera into one of it's manual modes again so, despite Will attempting to get some pictures of us in the field they were all rather blurry. But this was not a total disaster as, thanks to bit of "artistic" experimentation with The Gimp we end up with a new surrealist masterpiece "Spirit Of The Jollys" (click for full size, signed copies available in the foyer etc. etc. - ed.).

Fags, booze, cricket, nudity and art. What more can you ask for in a match report ?

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: An excellent day for the insects Bzzzt. Not much wind, slightly damp ground and a warm evening. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. In fact it was so good we even invited our enemies, the "bottom of the garden gang", to join us in feasting on the Jollys. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Excellent ! Bzzzt.

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