12th May 2011 Home To EVH

Well after the long winter layoff the squad were actually raring to go this year (now that is a suprise ! - ed.) And for once most of the team (with the notable exception of Jol - ed.) were here on time to see Dave win the first toss of the season. But with rain threatening the captains decided the sensible course of action would be to restrict the match to 16 overs apiece.

Batting first we soon got into the swing of it and thanks to a solid prefomance all down the line we managed to amass a grand total of 135. Special mentions must go to Ogs who carried his bat to become the first batsman to retire this year and to Will who was caught on 22.

So this left EVH needing just over 8 runs an over to beat our total (8.3472 to be pedantic - ed.) but they got off to the worst possible start with Powelly and Dave combining to get two wickets with the first two balls ! After a start like that it was always going to be an uphill struggle for EVH but they tried their best and only lost one further wicket during their innings. However all our bowlers managed to produce tight spells and EVH ended their innings with 79 for 3 - a figure that does not do justice to their efforts as it was simply that our bowlers were downright parsimoniuos !

So the first game of the season sees us with a victory and, thanks to Dave's fancy new iPhone application, this week you can even see a full scorecard !


Well the season is about to start. Tony's now getting 2 minutes training on Dave's new iPhone application, Will's back from Australia, new umpire "Frosty" is looking aghast and Dave and Baz are enjoying pre match tabs. Welcome to the 2011 season !


Meanwhile Ian has arrived with several beers and a much needed windbreak whilst in the background, EVH can be seen enjoying a pre match team talk.


But let's get to the action. Tom and Will are this weeks openers and it's down to Will to face the first ball of the season.


Tom is soon into his stride. Sadly he didn't manage to carry his bat this week but he did manage to chalk up a quickfire 9 runs which got the score moving early.


So out comes Ian who wastes no time in helping the score along with another quick 10.


By this point the massed Jollys have finally worked out that there is a match on so all eyes have now turned to the action.


Just when Will was looking likely to become this seasons first Jolly to retire on 25 he manages to sky one straight into the waiting arms of a fielder. Still that's a splendid 22 added to the cause.


Cometh the hour, cometh the Ogden Burger ! who sets out his stall by producing a splendid forward defensive to his first delivery.


Back at the other end Ian has gone and got himself caught and bowled so it's Jolyon's turn to get stuck in. And get stuck in he does by hammering the ball away (see top middle of the picture - ed.)


Once again though Jol joins the ranks of this weeks favourite dismissal as he skies one to a waiting fielder. Which means it's now Dave who arrives at the crease eager to get the score ticking along.


Sadly though he earns the dubious honour of becoming the first proper "action shot" of the season as he's bowled for 6.


But we needn't worry as there's still plenty of life left in the batting order courtesy of "Cockney" Stu who steps up to the mark in his trademark stripey top.


Meanwhile Og's has been playing a blinder and he becomes the first Jolly of the season to retire on 25. SO in comes Powelly eager to make the most of the last few overs.


Excitement is peaking at base camp as not only is it too windy for midges but it looks like we're going to post a good total.


And indeed we do. Powelly and new signing Coker leave the field with us having amassed a grand total of 135. EVH have now got their work cut out as this is going to be hard act to follow.


And what's this ? Courtesy of Ezmondo we even have a couple of fielding pictures this week starting with a shot of Dave taking a fine catch that had missed the batsman's edge by a whisker !


Sadly though despite Ez and Baz's sterling eforts the camera had been set to a strange mode so there aren't as many usable fielding pictures as we'd like. But at least we managed to get this prime action shot of Ian firing the ball down.


Having managed to strangle EVH's run chase with some mean bowling all that was left for us to do is to retire to the Old Town Hall where Simon had laid on a simply splendid assortment of sandwiches, scotch eggs and crab sticks. Despite Simon gallantly putting out four trays of food it was all demolished within about twenty minutes. A splendid start to the 2011 campaign !!!

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Well you humnas might like prancing around in this weather but we think it's still a little parky. Bzzzt. Not to mention the fact that some of us are only just pupating.. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. But don;t worry the season is young and we've plenty of time left. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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