12th August 2010 Home To Baines

So here we are once again dear readers as we prepare ourselves for the last league game of the 2010 season. And it's not looking good as we arrive at Cottam Hall just in time for it to positively pour down. However there are clear skies all around and both teams are keen to play so the captains decide to wait a few minutes to see if it clears up. And their faith was rewarded as soon afterwards the sun put his hat on and it was game on - albeit with a reduced 16 overs per side.

Having won the toss Marauders naturally decided to bat first but the combination of the damp pitch, the random bounce of the Cottam Hall wicket and some suprisingly tight bowling from the Jollys saw them restricted to a mere 62 from their 16 overs. Now for a "normal" team this should mean victory was assured but we are the Jollys after all... Can we ever foget the infamous game at Stanley Park where we were all out for 18 and the opposition then beat us by getting 19 for 9 !

So it was with some trepidation that we started our innings but in the end there was no need to panic and we managed to beat Marauders total with a only the loss of two wickets. Which means at the close of our season we're level with 7 victories and 7 defeats. But will this be enough to reach finals day ? We'll just have to wait until all the other results are in but we strongly suspect that the maths are against us (as ever it was -ed.).


Well it's chucking it down so Tony decides to make sure he's got enough beer money in the event of the match being abandoned and us "having" to go to the pub early.


But we needn't have worried after all as the shower soon blows over and Mr. Sun puts his cricket hat on.

As we were fielding first there are naturally no pictures of us in the field but a combination of the damp outfield, the random bounce of the wicket and some suprisingly tight bowling means that Marauders have set us a target of 63 for victory.


Once again the ever reliable Tom and Will lead us out to bat.


And Will is soon showing us how to apply proper batting technique as he once again retires on 25.


Unfortunately though Tom is not able to emulate Will as he becomes another victim of the random bounce factor being bowled for 2.


Which brings Ian into the game where he hits a single followed by a huge six over the pavillion before being controversially caught behind.


Having gone off for a bit of a "rove" (er... I think that's how you get "roving reporter" - ed.) we capture a lovely picture of the evening sun warming both the pavillion and the Jollys.


Back at the wicket Jolyon is now on strike and he wastes no time in getting the score moving along. With only 63 to get it's now looking good as we're approaching the total and we've got bags of overs, not to mention wickets, in hand.


And try as he might poor old Ogs can't get off the mark. But at least he avoids another duck so it's looking like it's a dead heat between your humble scirbe and Ogs for this years "Pedro" trophy. Bugger.


In the next over Jolyon scores the winning single so the teams troop offthe pitch at the end of another season's entertainment.


This years team photograph doesn't quite go to plan as once again young Dexter decides to steal the limelight.


Once again we return to the Old Town Hall where Des brings out what can only be said to be a somewhat reduced tray of sandwiches (is it something we said ? or is it because we reduced the overs ? -ed.).


But we needn't worry as scant moments later he returns with a plate of assorted Indian snacks !


And we're not finished yet ! As no sooner has the massed gannets of the Jollys descended on the Indian treats but here comes another tray. A fitting end to this years league fixtures methinks as "Das Boot" (er... the correct phrase is "the boat" -ed.) is well and truly pushed out !.


Hmmm... The dieticians amongst you now have conclusive proof that no matter how many sandwiches one has after the game there's always room for a "waffer thin" after pub kebab.


Well the season might be over but the fun certainly isn't ! It's two days after the match but the Jollys are still out and about (well we're still outside the Old Town Hall anyway - ed.) and we're still dressed like twits (obviously this doesn't include Sal and Jane who look authentically ravishing -ed.)

OafCam Footage

Coming soon ! There are only so many days in the week (and hours in the day -ed.) and having spent most of Saturday in Cleveleys looking for "Moroccan Wear" there's not been time to edit out the exciting bits. But there is some usable footage and I will get it off once time allows. So stay tuned for further cricket excitement !

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