29th July 2010 Home To Warbreck

It's been a trifle damp this week with an ongoing series of showers so there are doubts about the game going ahead. Not to mention the fact that, due to players being unavailable, Warbreck were struggling to get a team at all. But the rain held off, Warbreck got a team, albeit a slightly weak one as they only managed to get 9 "proper" players plus two "youth team" fielders, so the game was on.

And it started well for Warbreck as they won the toss and naturally decided to bat. Due to the weather conditions we'd decided to reduce the game to 16 overs and, for once, our bowlers were on form managing to keep Warebreck to only 81 for 7 from their 16 overs.

So requiring less than 1 a ball we went in to bat with high hopes for a win. And there was no hanging abour as we managed to beat Wrbrecks target from only 10.3 overs and with only Will managing to lose his wicket. So once again we've managed to even up our figures for the year at won 6, lost 6. But will it be enough to book a place on finals day ?

Stop Press ! Thanks to being given too much pocket money this week we have a new toy - namely a pair of video sunglasses. So without further ado let us introduce our newest feature... the "OafCam " (so named as due to them being worn by Ramjet you can hear his dribbling idiocy over the footage - ed.)


The game starts with Warbreck winning the toss and, naturally, deciding to bat.


As mentioned in the summary here's a live shot of the "OafCam" being modelled by our resident village idiot herr Ramjet.


Unfortunately though the OafCam's buttons are a trifle fiddly and, rather than videoing the whole innings, we start with a series of blurry photographs instead. Still at least this shows I was concentrating on the cricket (really ? - ed.)


With Warbreck having posted a very gettable 81 from their 16 overs Tom and Will lead us out to chase.


Oh dear. No sooner has the game started when WIll gives a disastrous call and poor old Tom is run out to be sent back to Midge Central without ever facing a ball. Never mind Tom it happens to the best of us.


But this brings Jolyon into the action who bounces back from being bowled last week by retiring after knocking off a quick fire 28.


Botheration. It's the second Jollys wicket as Will is bowled on 15. Still that's what you get for running your mates out says a now calm Tom.


Which brings Ian into the fray. As usual he wastes no time before opening his shoulders and sending the ball flying to all corners of the pitch.


Well after much effort your intrepid scribe manages to get a picture of a midge which can be clearly seen as the small brownish blue above the er... bit where the strap attaches to the camera body. Sadly however this turned out to be a small fly and not a midge making the whole picture (and the effort that went into it) completely pointless (you are an idiot -ed.)


Back at base camp whilst young Ryan has proved that, whilst he may have a promising future as a trumpet player, he's also earned himself an early bedtime and no visit to the Old Town Hall after refusing to stop his vuvuzela bellowing when Dad asked him to.


Returning if we may to the cricket (about time too -ed.) Dave is helping Ian push the score along with a splendid 15 not out.


And Ian is pulling out all the stops as he tries to gt his 25 before the end. But it was not to be and he fini=shes on 22 not out as we overtake Warbrecks total to gain a much needed victory.


So the teams leave the field at the end of another thrilling episode of the Jollyboys saga. But with only two games left can we make it to finals day ? It's not looking good at this point...


Once again Tony finishes off the match by doing a thoroughly professional job of entering all details in the score book (it's the only reason this report ever contains any accurate information - ed.)


Well in an effort to "jazz up" the usual buttie pictures we attempt to take a picture from a different angle - only to remember why we don't use it (the shots always end up too dark due to the position of the lights etc. - ed.)


So you'll just have to make do of an action shot of Des (rumours are this is something of a rarity -ed.) as he rips the cling film off another excellent tray of Butties !

OafCam Footage

Well it's now 2:00 pm and my computer has just stopped smoking as I've been editing footage since 8:30 am this morning (this is despite being out drinking 'til 1:00 in the morning - ed.). So whilst I hope you all enjoy this I don't think you'll be getting such comprehensive coverage every week. Then again if the fans want it, we'll have to provide !

n.b. Before we start getting complaints I know the time is wrong on the footage. This is entirely due to the strangeness of the hardware as you can't stop the date and time being recorded and you have to set the start date and time by writing it to a text file on the memory card. The sunglasses then read this when started up and use whatever is set so if you don't turn them on for a while the time is well out. Hmmm... hardware tastic design...

Joe ducks under a thunderous shot. As he's only 11 he's allowed to do this so let's not have the rest of the team geting any ideas about emulating him !

Well it lookd good to us as Joe bowls one out but the umpire had signalled a no ball (above head height) and, as all good cricketers know, his decision is final !

Ramjet bowls one and the team discover that the "OafCam"is actually switched on !

Oh dear, the very next ball and Ramjet drops a relatively straightforward caught and bowled chance. Thinking too much about the footage methinks !

Dave and Baz Stoddard combine for a splendid catch !

With the overs running out Warbreck are forced to push for runs but it's too close to Joe who runs them out with a splendid direct hit !

Dave makes a quick stumping off the ever dependable bowling of the Ogden-Burger.

Again Warbreck are having to push for runs which gives Ogs and Ramjet the opportunity to combine for a good run out.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt, Our secret is out ! So you've found out that we really like biting tall men and fat women. Bzzzt. But don't think this will save you as, Bzzzt... like everything else in nature, we'll adapt to anything you arrogant humans come up with.. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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