22nd July 2010 Away At Rushale

After last weeks efforts we had high hopes going into this game. As regular readers will know we've currently won 5 and lost 5 so winning this game would give us a good chance of forcing ourselvesinto contention for finals days. So it was a raring to go Jollyboys that arrived at the vast Rushale grounds on an overcast Thursday evening.

Having won the toss (again - ed. !) we naturally elected to bat and Tom and Will led us out. But disaster struck within the first couple of overs as Will is bowled for a mere 3 by a ball that didn't get off the floor. But have no fear as in came Powelly who once again carried his bat with a magnificent 25.

Sadly though whilst a couple of the team managed to get into double figures (Tom 14, Jolyon 12) the rest of our innings was a complete disaster with Rushale taking wickets cheaply. At the close of our innings we'd only managed to put 89 runs on the board and had been bowled out with balls still to come and with young Mr Airey getting 5 wickets for 6 runs off a mere 2.3 overs. No wonder he brought some consolation beers to the game for the teams.

With not much of a total to defend our bowlers did their best but a calm Rushale managed to knock off the runs with a full 5 overs to spare and for the loss of only 3 wickets. Which means that with a mere 3 games remaining we're going to have to pull out all the stops and win all three to have any chance of getting to finals day this year !


Once again Tom and Will lead us out to bat.


Botheration... W've only just got going and Will is bowled cheaply (which rather set the tone for this evening batting performance - ed.)


So with Powelly now in Tom attempts to get the innings going with some good shot selection as he makes his way to a creditable 14.


Powelly is in a rich run of form with the bat this year and he knocks another big hit off to the boundary for 4. This week sees him become the only Jolly to retire on 25.


With Tom having been bowled it's time for Jol to step up to the wicket and he starts off well with a few good shots.


By this time Powelly has retired so in comes the Ogden Burger who defends a few before being bowled by a cracker. It's too late to pray for runs Ogs, the bails are still in mid flight !


So in comes Dave who manages to make a quick fire 9 before getting himself caught going for the boundary.


And here's something you don't see every week as Jolyon's middle stump goes flying and he's bowled for 12. It's not looking good for the Jollys at this point as the wickets are falling and the runs aren't piling on.


Back at the pavillion ace score keeper Tony is busily working out whether the game will be over early enough for him to sneak out for a quick pint.


Another shot of breaking wickets as Stu is bowled for 2. Sorry for all this misery lads but the report has to reflect the action. And this weeks action is all about the Jollys losing wickets !


In comes Dave who not only manages to put a decent 8 runs on the board but also manages to avoid being hit by the ball !


Meanwhile at the other end Baz is trying his best but only manages to put on a single run before geting caught. Still at least he managed to get a run (unlike your humble scribe who joined Ogs in being bowled for a duck -ed.)


Into the breach steps young Joe who is very unlucky to be run out pushing for a single.


With all the Jollys having batted Powelly returns to the wicket pausing only to console Joe about his run out. "Never mind son, we'll have words with him after the match".

Sadly though he didn't even get a chance to face again and our inings ends with a mere 89 runs on the board. So with not much of a total to get Rushale calmly go about getting the runs to emerge and emerge as this weeks worthy winners.


Which means that once again we return to the Old Town Hall to face Des. "What do you mean you've lost again ?" says Des as he brings out the butties. "Any more of this and it's back to stale cheese and ship's biscuits for you undeserving lot." Ho hum... onwards and upwards gentlemen, onwards and upwards.

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