15th July 2010 Home To EVH

Well it's been persisting on and off for most of the week and the sun has definitely left his hat in the cupboard today. But a keen Jollyboys gather at "Fortress" Hodgson to see if they can get a win to even out their season so far (at start of play we were lost won 4, lost 5 - ed.)

Once again we get off to a great start as Dave wins the toss and decides to bat. Once again we open with Tom and James and this week James is in no mood to hang around and some huge hits sees him retiring after getting 25 from just over 4 overs. But after this quick fire start some good tight bowling from EVH calmed us right back down and we ended our innings having scored 128 for 6.

So having set EVH a very gettable target (just over a run a ball - ed.) it was all down to our bowlers to produce the goods. EVH got off to a good start but, in a similar manner to our own innings, our bowlers then went into total scrooge mode and the supply of boundaries simply dried up leaving EVH having to score everything with runs. Suprisingly our usual gift of wides was also stopped this week so after some incredibly tight bowling EVH were left needing 35 off the last two overs. And despite their best efforts they were not able to get the runs.

Which means that we emerge victorious for the second week running to level up our season with won 5, lost 5.


Once again the squad assemble under ths midge infested trees.


Over in the away stands EVH are also all present and correct and are getting in a spot of catching practice.


Which was just as well for them as, for the second week running, Dave wins the toss and Tom and James go in to bat.


Kerpow ! Looks like James has been at the Bob Martins this week as he hits a mighty six right out of the ground. Luckily it bounces on the roof of a house and is returned to play ! Another cracking knock from James as he retires on 25 after a mere 4 overs.


Back at the other end Tom is playing his usual game and is picking up runs. He might not have got back as quick as James but once again he too retires on 26.


Which means it time for Ogs to enter the fray. Sadly for Ogs though he picks up a quick 2 before cracking one straight into the arms of a waiting filder. Unlucky senor !


Into the frame comes Ian who once again contributes a splendid 23 before getting caught.


Meanwhile back at base camp there's some splendid wildlife action as two male wood pigeons argue about who's going to escort the lady wood pigeon to the ball.


Out at the wicket Jol is on strike where he makes a quick 9 before being caught.


So on comes Powelly. And very quickly thereafter off goes Powelly for nought as he's bowled by a cracking delivery. The only consolations being that it wasn't a golden and, due to being distracted, I miseed what would have been an excellent whot of his bails flying off !


Well the run rate has dropped considerably after our explosive opening but Dave attempts to make amends with a quick fire 19.


Ably supported at the other end by "Cockeny"Stu who gets himself a quick 4 (not out).


Back at base camp the Jollys are too bone idle even to play their vuvuzelas !


Ouch ! Poor old Dave, who is still sporting a bruised ankle from last weeks fielding, gets a wicked bounce and cops one in the ribs. Sadly it then got worse as he was bowled with the very last ball of the innings. But there's no blame there as we needed to swing the bat and he did contribute a good 2 runs.


So off we come. But will our total of 128 be enough to give us the win ? Stay tuned for further excitement.


Hooray for our side ! Having turned up half way through our innings Ez has taken over photographic duties and start by capturing our Vuvuzela squad.


Botheration. When I put the camera in my bag it's switched itself to portrait mode so, being in the distance, Ezs action shots have come out mostyle blurred. Still this is a splendid shot of Baz in full flight ! Bowl 'em the Terminator (tm) son.


but as we're in portrait mode we get a splendid picture of one of our fans (who always pops his head over the fence to see the clowns in action -ed.)


Hozat ! Ian sends down a cracker to send the middle stump flying ! Well captured Ez.


The end of the innings is in sight and we're bowling like Scrooges. And despite their best efforts EVH simply couldn't get the run rate up high enough and we emerge victorious for thesecond week running.


Which means it's back to the Old Town Hall for another helping of excellent sandwiches. THis week Simon also pushed out the boat with some more Doritos and a couple of pint pots of bread sticks. (At this rate we'll be playing the last games being pushed around in wheelbarros - ed.)


"Fangs very much indeed" says Ian (in his role as Count Breadula - ed.) as he joins in the current Vampire craze with a couple of well placed breadsticks. "I vant your varsteier".

Hip hip hooray, for the Jolly, Jolly J !!!

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah, we're not coming out in this weather. It's far too cold and windy. Bzzzt. Still we might as well let a couple of our wasp cousins have a fly about the massed ranks of the Jollys instead. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Serves them right for bring cans of lovely cider doesn't it ?. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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