30th June 2010 Away At Wyre

Having already beaten Wyre at home this season, and having won the last two matches, we decamped to Cottam Hall with high hopes of carrying on our run of form. Things started well too as Dave won the toss and we decided to bat.

But after our openers put on a good start the vagaries of the Cottam Hall wicket saw us lose a little momentum in the middle of the innings before eventually reaching a creditable total of 136 for 4 with Will, Tom and Ian all retiring after 25.

So it was all down to our bowlers to defend our total but despite our best efforts some attacking batting from Wyre in the last part of the innings saw them narrowly beat our total with 3 balls to spare. Of course we didn't help matters by conceding 15 extras either as this was Wyres third highest "batsman".

But the disaster didn't stop there. Due to a cock up on our part We'd forgotten to tell Des that we were playing on Wednesday... and the fixture list we gave him said Tuesday... So when we got back to the Old Town Hall there were no sandwcihes and they'd been made the day before and were eaten by the regulars instead. Oh boy are we in the bad books. Looks like some grovelling (and a small present or two) might be in order if we're going to get fed next week.

Our thoughts must also go to Linda (Des' wife and buttie make par excellence) whose father sadly passed away late on Tuesday night.


Well the sun's out, the squad is assembled, and we start the evening by removing broken glass from the front of the pavillion.


Once again Tony has volunteered to score for us so, as it's so close to home, Laura brings the entire family out to have a quick look at the Jollys (which is almost bit like a low budget trip to the zoo for the younger ones - ed.)


Tom and Will take to the field ready to face the "random bounce" factor of the Cotam Hall wicket.


Oh dear. See what we mean ? An early ball sees Will calling for the step ladders as it pings up over his head and makes a good attempt at downing a passing spotter plane.


Whilst at the other end Tom is forced to dig a grubber off the floor. One thing's for sure this wicket certainly keeps you on your toes.


Back at the good ship S.S. Pavillion Ogs extols the virtues of the new Tecos Express's cheap lager. "Not bad at all for the money" is the advice to the rest of the squad.


Out on the wicket Tom and Will have both done well and have retired on 25 and 26 respectively. Which means it's Ian's turn to get into the action which he does with a great knock managing to get this weeks top score by retiring on 28.


But this week saw a suprise as, despite some good attacking shots, Jol is out for 11 which is the first time he's been out this season. Mind you the ball that bowled him pitched on a good length then stuck to the ground lower than a snakes belly and ther ewas not much he could do about it.


And in case you're wondering why the pictures are a little dark this week this is why. Some black clouds have gathered, the sun has put his hat back in the wardrobe and it's looking like Mr. Rain may make an appearance at some point later in the evening.


With the light conditions being ehat they were I'm afraid this is the only half decent shot we've got of Ogs as he helps the team along with a quick fire 7.


In comes Dave pushes the score along with a quick 21 before being stumped whilst going for a big hit.


After quick cameo appearances for Dave and Joe (who end unbeaten on 1 and 2 respectively) it's the end of our innings and we end on 136 for 4.

Sadly after last weeks picture bonanza we're back to having no fielding pictures this week. After our decent innings Wyre came out strongly but we managed to keep the run rate down and were looking good for a victory before a splendid push in the last few overs saw them beat our total with 3 balls to spare.


So it was back to the Old Town Hall where we find out about the buttie disaster as our fixture list said Tuesday, we forgot to update Des that it was Wednesday, butties were made, we weren't there so the regulars got a late night snack and we're for the high jump. (We'd better get some good apologising done before next week - ed.).

Thankfully Rachel tries to console us by presenting us with a celebratory bag of crisps (and a bill for buttie wasteage - ed.) and we can at least drown our sorrows in some quality ales.


So this week we'll end with Tom's reaction to the buttie fiasco as he bemoans the state of the season so far...

Onwards and upwards gentlemen... Onwards and upwards !

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