13th May 2010 Home To Wyre

Well after something of a glorious week's sunshine Thursday saw the weather take a turn for the worse and the evening threatened to turn into a bit of a cloudy stinker. Typical for the start of the Jollys season !

But after a long winter layoff the Jollys turned up keen to play - some of them even having bought new kit (good grief ! - ed.) Things nearly started off badly though as Wyre won the toss but thankfully put us in to bat (which we fancied doing anyway)

And the lads have definitely been at the Bob Martins over the winter as what an innings it was ! No fewer than 5 batsmen retired, having scored 25 or over, to give us a huge total of 203. Following this Wyre struggled manfully but were not able to match the Jollys massive total and, despite amassing an excellent 143, leaving the Jollys victorious.


As usual the Wyre squad puts us to shame by being all present, correct and busily warming up well before we've finished putting on our whites.


Meanwhile Baz enjoys the first beer of the season.


And they're off ! Tom and Will lead us out for the first innings of the season.


Which means it must be time for Jol to stroll up giving Dave and Ogs the opportunity of consulting the team handbook to see how many pints we can fine him for tardiness.


And the excitement is already reaching fever pitch. Shannon is so excited she's had to have a go at batting herself !


Out on the pitch it's been a festival of batting strokes and Will becomes the first Jolly of the season to retire after 25.


But just look at this, there's been a raiding of piggy banks and Ogs and Jol have bought themselves new kit ! New boots for Ogs and new gloves and bat for Jol.


Back on the wicket it's Tom's turn to retire after 25. So that's both openers back in after doing their bit. Let's see if we now start the traditional Jollys collapse ;)


Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No it's super Ogs wearing Jol's new batting cap.Well it might be fashionalbe but is it right ? Well is it ? (who knows - ed.)


Well we needn't have worried about a collpase as we're going from strength to strength. The score is positively piling up and Ian is now retiring after 25. This is going to be a big total !


Botheration. After all the batting excitement Ogs brings us back to Jollyville and becomes the first entrant to the Pedro trophy with a mighty silver duck.


Back at base camp a small crowd has gathered to watch the excitement.


And what excitement it was as Powelly decided to try for the fastest 25 ever by a Jolly by scoring a positively fearsome 22 off a single over. Sadly he was then caught going for another big hit but that has tickled the score along nicely.


Especially now that Jol is also retuning after scoring a cracking 25, albeit with a nasty knock on his thumb. (Our top tip is not use your thumb as part of the bat - ed.) Our total is looking pretty uncatchable at this point !


After our innings there was the usual lack of fielding pictures and we move swiftly on to an official team phot (the first for many years - ed.) The only problem being that a passing magpie swooped in at the last minute and stole Wills drum and both drumsticks - just as he was about to give us a victory roll !


So now it's time to retire to the Old Town Hall where Des has once again put on some magnificent sandwiches. Despite Stus protestation Shannon decides to take charge of rationing them out as she says our winter reserves have left us all looking a bit "comfortable"


So hooray for our side as we start the season with a win. Even the local Town Hall Dryads have joined in the celebrations !

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