31st July 2008 Home To Wyre

Well the evening started off looking like fine weather for ducks again. But after a small conference both teams decided they're not afraid of ducks (actually we are -ed.) and despite decided to play on regardless of the light drizzle. However allowing for the light the captains decided to opt for a 16 overs match.

Having won the toss Wyre decided to bat first and were met with some accurate bowling from a Jollys attack that was missing the sadly crocked Baz. Coupled with the damp outfield this unusually good bowling saw us manage to keep Wyre down to a total of 59 for 8. So with a very gettable target we set out steadily eventually managing to beat their total with 3 overs to spare.

So it's another win for the Jollys which gives us a seasons tally of 6 wins and 3 losses. Hopefully this is now enough to see us through to this years finals day but only time will tell.


Oh dear. Whilst Powellys finger has recoverd from last weeks dislocation poor old Baz has crocked his knee playing kickball and will probably be out for the rest of the season.

Once again proving the adage that fully grown men playing occasional kickball is a recipe for disaster !


As if it wasn't wet enough already Dave further dampens our spirits by gleefully revealing just how much we owe the club in subs.

We were never allowed to go this far into debt when Scottie Bubs was in charge !


This is going from bad to worse. What on Earth is Tony drinking ? It's not in a can or a green bottle and looks decveptively like pop (it is pop you idiot - ed.)

I just hope there's a couple of shots of Vodka in there too or it's not going to please our new club mascot.


Well he might not be able to play but Baz shows his team spirit by getting down to do the book. Meanwhile the rest of the lads start arguing over who should get the next go on Daves umbrella.


And they're off. Tony and Si are off to open and Ian is once again standing in for the first session of umpiring.


Anyone in doubt as to the wetness of the pitch can see the evidence the ball has left here on my hand. Honestly I look like one of the "injuns" from the old hand coloured Hollywood westerns.


But to get back to the cricket action (at last -ed.) Si faces the first delivery of the innings and wisely goes for the classic forward defensive.


The rest of the squad are taking no chances with the midge infested trees and have instead made camp near to the entrance to the ground where Ogs is overjoyed to find a can of Stella in his kit bag.


Back at the wicket Si and Tony are adding steadily to the total and have the makings of a good little partnership.


Which, like all things, has to come to an end... as Si goes for a very creditable 13. Meanwhile stage right Jol wanders off to square leg whistling the tune to Lee Scratch Perrys "Chicken Scratch" (A classic - ed.).


Toms takes his turn at the crease and after prodding a couple of delicate singles he cracks out a magnificent 6 !


Then almost immediately follows it up by getting caught trying for another so is forced to make the damp walk back to base camp.


Whilst all this excitement has been going on the youth squad have been replaying the 1842 world cup final between Paperboys United and Schoolboy City.

So whilst the actions been mostly fast and furious the game has been momentarily paused due to the arrival of a large and interesting beetle landing on Ryans trousers.


Back at the big boys game Tony and Jol have managed to wrap things up with 3 overs to spare. And once again Tony comes in unbeaten with an excellent 20.


All that therefore remains is to exchange the traditional post game congratulations...


And retire to the pub to get "wet on the inside" !. An excellent turnout spoilt only by the Bitburger going off again (they'll do anything to try to get us to drink the lovely, but far too expensive Warsteiner -ed.)

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bzzzt. Botheration again. Bzzzt. Despite the tempting buffet available it's far too wet for us to fly about. Bzzzt. We could drown in one of those raindrops you know. Bzzt. Looks like we'll just have to wait for another week. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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