18th August 2005 home to the Warbreck Hill

Good golly miss Jolly ! What is going on this year ? The fans are stunned as the Jollys pull off yet another another victory as we complete a league double over Warbreck Hill in the penultimate game of the season. Having won the toss Warbreck Hill decided to bat but some sterling work in the field saw us catch more than we dropped (in fact we only dropped two chances all night) Following which we manage to beat their 106 off 12 overs with two overs and 9 wickets to spare.

Stunning stuff indeed and to to it all there didn't seem to be a sinlge midge in sight at Fortress Thornton. I think after this it's definitely time for a lie down as we've actually won as many games as we've lost this year.

Fandabuloso ! Esplendimentiente ! Totallissimo Bueno Fantasticos Resultos Boyos De Jollis Clubbo Del Crickidad !!! as nobody in their right mind would say...


It's early doors, the teams are just filtering onto the ground but the toss has already been lost and Warbreck decide to go out and bat. So once again that means no pictures for a while... And with all that excellent catching action too.

Maybe this continual lack of fielding pictures means we should get an "official" team photographer for next year ? Busty young ladies with low moral standards are invited to send in their applications now (whether they're interested in the position or not !)


Well we're batting now so that means we can go to the bar for a stiffener. And just look at the quality of the "Warstarter" available from the Fortress Thornton bar (I think he means "Warsteiner" - ed.) .

Even without the sensational cricketing action on offer it would be well worth toodling down to to a match just for the beer alone !


Shannon lays down the law to the lads. "You're all too fat already and you shouldn't be drinking all that dirty beer" she says. "But we're just celebrating my new jumper" protests Powelly. "Oh alright then you can have one each, but no more !" is her final word


And what a peach Powellys new jumper is (courtesy of the generosity of Jolyon who says we look like a set of tramps). It's all lovely, crisp and white it looks like its come fresh off the set of a Dreft advert.

Oh well it'll not take long for "Pitbull" to get some grass stains into it I'll bet.


Meanwhile out on the pitch Jolyon and Ian are in a batting frenzy and 29 runs have come off the first two overs - proof of the deed coming from this close up of our electric scoreboards control panel.

(And apologies for the slight out of focus picture as the camera's had a Warstarter too - ed.)


Oh dear, the innings is going well but there's now a dispute about how to write the number 42. Baz & "Bubbs" think it's f-o-w-a-r-t-i t-u-u-w and Dave insists there's a "u" in there somewhere.

Tony however, our splendid "Andrew-Symonds-a-like", smugly tells us he knows the answer but he won't tell us unless Shannon lets him have another beer. Tarnation... all that reedin' an a ritin ain't good fer a Jolly...


And speaking of Shannon who says we don't have a Youth policy ? Let's just hope Stu doesn't get one straight back in the unmentionalbes.


Hooray ! The winning runs are put on the board with two overs to spare and the Jollys win again ! And just look at the light reflecting back off Powellys new jumper. What an advert for the clean wholesome game of cricket.

(ed's note: Despite appearances it wasn't actually pitch black at the time it's just that the combination of low light, coupled with the sheer dazzling whiteness of Powellys new jumper, conspired to confuse the bejaysus out of the cameras light meter !)

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