2nd July 2005 home to Preston III

Well what a sad day this was. Not only did we get convincingly beaten but this was to be the last outing for the Jollys in the Saturday league (for this season at least). Sadly the complete lack of commitment from many of the players meant that we once again fielded a much under strength which was only bolstered at the last minute by some emergency ringing round.

This being the case we were convincingly thrashed by Preston III who put us into bat, knocked us over quickly, then polished off the runs with half the afternoon to spare. So a big thankyou to the hardy regulars who made it to all the games and a big fur-Q to the bunch of limp wristed shysters who said they were up for it but then never bothered to turn up. Puffs the lot of you. In fact you dissapointed us that much I haven't bothered updating the website for a month - despite the complaints.


Well it's time to start the match but there appear to be cars all over the pitch. However a quick walk out to the middle reveals that it's just an optical illusion and they're actually several yards behind the boundary.


But despite the lateness it's a threadbare looking Jollys lounging about in their usual position on the boundary. But stage left our latest last minute recruit Chris Baxter is getting right into the "way of Jollys" by indulging in a spot of pocket billiards.

And in the foreground a relaxed Umpire Jebby loafs about waiting to pounce upon any spare cans of beer that may be floating about.


Begorrah ! An ear shattering bang from behind the trees reveal why there are so many cars in the park - there's some sort of military display going on and some loud cannon fire is follwed by billowing smoke.

Now personally I grew out of playing with guns by the time I was about 10 but sadly there'll always be fresh faced youths ready to go out and kill women and children because some lousy fat old man (sorry "Grate Leader") tells them to. And once all the killings over the fat old men will sit round the table and divide up the spoils amongst themselves. Bah, "War's a bore" as the mighty Def-A-Kators once (wisely) said.


Oops I got carried away with the anti war rant there... Anyway the innings has started and the lads are getting ready for some batting action. Sadly the excitement proves all too much for our other last minute recruit Martin who decides it's time to catch up on some Zzzzs - "No honestly lads, I'm just dreaming about how I'm going to knock a quick 100" Ah... such enthusiasm, such confidence...

At this point we would also like to point out what a stirling man Martin is as, having been given the call, he went out and bought a set of whites especially for the occasion. Good man ! If only some of our other more useless players had 1/10th this level of enthusiasm.


Meanwhile out on the pitch the Preston bowlers are pinging them down. Despite our best efforts wickets are going cheaply and it's looking like we'll be all finished up well before tea time. Come on Jollys keep that bat straight ! Play down the line... DOWN THE LINE... Oh botheration there goes another wicket...


And that's about all the action shots we've got for you this week. You'll have realised that the ususal "too few players to take any pictures of us in the field" restrictions apply to this weeks coverage.

So the last picture of the days play will simply feature Jebby having a "Condor Moment" whilst waiting for Dave to get the butties out.


And here they are, a magnificent round of breadly delights with salad pop & crisps to boot. And a great thankyou from the rest of the team to Dave for doing the butties every home game - "No lads, I insist".

Well having got quite used to them t's going to be most dissapointing missing out on my cricket teas on a Saturday afternoon I'll tell you.


A victorious Preston IIIs give us a victory salute. And what a sporting bunch they were they didn't laugh at us once (well at least not whilst we were looking - ed.)

And so ends the Jolly Boys Saturday series for this year which only leaves me to bid y'all farewell... So Goodbye now... see you soon... don't forget to write...

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