18th June 2005 away to St. Josephs

Well what started out as another splendid summers day saw us once again travel over to the faraway lands of Preston to meet St. Josephs. And after our last poor performance in the cup the Lads were determined to do better this time around ! But alas 'twas not to be as, having won the toss and decided to bat, we proceeded to turn in another inept batting performance. But the gods decided to take pity on the poor Jollys as, following the tea interval, St. Josephs were just getting ready to go out when a sudden downpour left the wicket lying in a lovely pool of water.

So after the regulation "sitting round waiting to see if things improve" period the rains returned and we escaped with a thoroughly undeserved draw. Still that'll teach 'em to make jokes about my beard as it was shortly after this that Thor's hammer was heard crashing through the heavens causing the clouds to open up and save the Jollys.


Well it's a lovely day and we've got a reasonable turn out (i.e. suprisingly we're not short of players). Not only that but the lads are keen to get going and a multitide of balls fly around in a vain attempt to get our batsmen ready for the off.


But enough of that gentlemen... St. Josephs have arrived and it's game on ! And the match gets underway giving me yet another chance to show how inadequate a 3x optical zoom is when trying to capture the on field action.


Botheration... we're not long into the innings and wickets have started falling steadily. In dismay Aaron, currently in his role as square leg umpire, has seen the omens of another collapse so he takes the radical step of praying for our innings (if only he was facing the east - ed.).


Well whatever prayers he's said they seem to have had some effect as we start scoring a few runs. Meanwhile stage right a semi-naked spectator casually wanders onto the pitch with his beer for a closer look (errr... that's actually Mr Newman taking his turn at square leg - ed.)


And on the boundary the Jollys are taking a keen interest in... anything but the game really. Actually that's being somewhat unfair as they're obviously frantically working our projected run rates, totals and averages etc. etc.


But wait... what's this ? it must be the near the end of the innings as your humble scribe is at the crease. And suprisingly enough he's not only managed to avoid a golden but appears to be trying to play an actual defensive shot (ah look at the idiot... front foot forward, bat angled down... The ideas almost right but that's a travesty of a batting pose - ed.)


Oh dear. Having filled up with rather too many sandwiches and crisps at the tea interval the Jollys were not looking forward to taking the field. Obligingly Mr. Rain steps in and does his thang leaving us all to huddle about under assorted covers.

But just look at the foresight of Andy who's even brought an umbrella ! (or was it an attempted summer parasol - ed. ?)


Ho hum, it's 40 minutes after the first downpour, the wicket is still water logged and the rain has returned causing the match to be abandoned. And for the more photographically astute of you just look at the difference in light from the previous picture ! By 'eck it can get dark fast oop North !

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