9th June 2005 away to Nights of Bacchus (Cup)

Ah... after all that early season excitement it seems we're well and truly back in our old familiar groove again as a lovely summer evening saw us run out worthy losers to the Nights in the picturesque confines of Guys Court. Sadly the Jollys were once again short of players but despite this the game was top entertainment value for the hordes of fans as, having been put in to bat, the under strength Jollys decided to take the radical approach of reversing their batting lineup. What larks !

Highlight of the game was young Mr Bell who was making his batting debut and finished with a very credible 14. A total beaten only by Ogs fighting 16 (not out).


And as the game gets underway the remainder of the squad settle down for a hard earned sit down in the pavillion with a few beers and several cigarettes.


Meanwhile out on the wicket the Jollys innings has started. If you get a really strong magnifying glass out you might just notice that, off in the distance, suprise opener Scotty Bubs is (as usual) doing his best Geoffrey Boycott impersonation.


A short while later and Bubs' Boycott impression fails him and he's sent back to the pavillion. But with the Jollys batting in reverse order this means it's the mighty Baz striding out to the crease.


Botheration. It's wickets falling like nine pins time and "Carpet" Col (our other intrepid openene) is also heading back to the pavilion. But don't worry sports fans he's not giving us the "Agincourt Salute", he's merely informing us how many runs he scored.


And what a disaster. A thirsty Baz returns from batting duties and goes off to get a round in. Sadly however he's 20p short and despite knowing full well that we're playing cricket the bar staff refuse to allow him to take the pittance back later.

So poor old Baz has to leave his pint at the bar and return for the required groats. Ogs however has no qualms about starting his beverage without him.


Well I'm sorry but if that's their attitude I've got no choice but to "borrow" one of Cols' emergency Stellas. After all it might take Baz a good 5 minutes getting back from the bar and I'm thirsty right now.

And for any budding leagle eagles viewing this picture then technically I'm not being cheeky as it's not my beer (after all the sign does clearly state "Do not consume YOUR OWN food or drink" and this is "Carpet" Cols ;)


Hooray ! Baz finally returns, having paid the 20p ransom in full, and with the last pint of the round - just in time to be given a pound and sent back for some nuts "Oh for Bobs sake you bunch of jokers" he exclaims (well it was something like that anyway).


And a truly suprised looking Chris returns having finally been despatched for a mighty 14 ! Well done that man. But needless to say our meagre total was not enough and the Nights once again proved victorious (although we did take them down to the last two overs)

So, once again, this leaves me only trundle out the usual raft of poor quality excuses for "no fielding pictures due to lack of players" etc. etc.

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