28 May 2005 home to Blackpool IVth

Well a wind swept day at Stanley Park saw the Jollys win again after a poor start. Well what more can I say ? It's obviously not just luck (don't be too sure about that - ed.) Whatevver the reason though this is fast becoming a habit !

And you should know the excuse for the poor quality of the pictures by now... as once again the usual fielding duties and a lack of willing fans meant we were unable to bring you any pictures of the Blackpool IVths innings.


We're getting ready to get the game underway and the Umpire reminds us that, whatever else, his decision is final. And his decision is that there will be no play until he's finished his can of Stella.


But we're off. The Jollys are batting and the squad takes shelter from the unseasonably strong winds at Stanley Park. But desite the cold Andy steadfastly refuses to put on his pants "Not unless I'm batting lads, not unless I'm batting".


Oh dear, wickets are tumbling and Dave becomes the first victim of the day. Still at least he came back in with a good "it was wind assisted and there was strange behaviour off the wicket" excuse (his best for weeks - ed.)


Back on the bench and the cans are diminishing at a rapid rate. And another fine bit of attempted sledging from the Blackpool IVths raises a chuckle from the windswept Jollys.


Hoorah ! The Jollys youth policy pays dividends as our keen young scorer excitedly presses the buttons of the new "miracle skoreboard" (tm). And look at that he's wearing a hoodie to boot ! Who says the youth of today are all troublemaking hooligans ? (actually you usually do - ed.)


Meanwhile back on the pitch centurion Ian and Baz have had a remarkable match winning partnership which, like all great things, had to come to an end. So to make up for the lack of good action pictures here they are diligently taking their turn on the scorebooks.


A mere 37 overs in and the Jollys declare ! After a shaky start we amassed 168 from 37 overs so we fancy putting the Blackpool IVths in to bat. And this turned out to be a wise decision as we skittled them out for a mere 80. So the Jollys win again. Hoorah ! (I could get used to this, despite the fact I know it's only a temporary anomaly - ed.)

And Andy was as good as his word and actually put his trousers on to bat (which made Aaron much happier I can tell you).


So all that's left to do is to collect the subs, pack up and go to the pub for a well deserved gallon. Even umpire Jebby offers his congratulations (whilst surrepticiously making off with another of the Jollys Stellas)

Hip hip hooray for the Jolly, Jolly J !!!!.

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