19 May 2005 home to Kirkham Swifts

Well today your humble scribe is finding it difficult to move his fingers round the keyboard due to the effects of the heavy tranquilisers he is currently working under. And the reason for this ? We've only gone and won again. That's five wins on the trot. FIVE. The holy number of Lady Eris Discordia herself (see the Principia Discordia for details) and a Jolly Boys record to boot !

Sadly fielding duties and a lack of willing fans once again meant we were unable to bring you any pictures of the Swifts innings. But the damp ground meant they were only able to post a total of 74 from their 12 overs. Suprisingly enough the Jollys then managed to beat this total with 3 balls, and two wickets, to spare. Will miracles never cease ?


Well here we are at fortress Hodgson... Midge capital of Poulton-Le-Fylde. As usual the games slow to get off to a start but at least you get a lovely shot of the far off trees. All that's missing are some cricketers.


Ah that's why there are no cricketers in the first frame. There they are on the boundary, lounging about discussing how large Powellys Jolly Boys tattoo should be and which arm it should go on.


Chris makes his point. "I know you're short of players (again) but if you think I'm turning out you've got another thing coming. Any further talk like this and I'll pretend to shoot you with my magic finger gun." Ah but how wrong he was, a few minutes and a can of Stella later saw him taking to the field with the rest of the motley crew !


But wat a minute, what's going on here ? Surely that's Tan sitting in with the opposition ? But didn't he take the winning catch for us two weeks ago in the saturday league ? Indeed he did thereby proving the mysterious intertwining nature of the Fylde cricket scene...


And just look at the quality of those wickets ! Now if only we had some demon spin bowlers who could take advantage of the "slight" rough area directly in front of off stump (Actually it would be nice if our bowlers could just keep it on the wicket with any consistency - ed.)


At last an actual, real live, action shot as Si pushes one off for a swift single (wait a minute wouldn't a "Swift" single mean he's scored a run for the opposition ? - ed).


Meanwhile back on the boundary the midges have got the scent and are merrily tucking into the Jolly Boys. Either that or Scotty Bubs has reformed the Poulton-Le-Fylde Lawrence of Arabia society.


And tension mounts. The Jollys are fast approaching the Swifts meagre total but the overs are fast running out. So it's time for big Ian to go in and knock off the required runs. A returning Ogs wishes him good luck but reminds him to tuck his shirt in - after all we have standards to keep.

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