15 May 2005 away to Comrades (Cup)

By the low cut, delightfully revealing, yet not totally immodest evening wear of our Lady Eris... we've only gone and done it again. Two wins in two days... Has the world gone mad ? Has there been a fundamental change in the laws of Nature ? Have the Jollys been replaced by super efficient Japanese robot clones ? Whatever the reason somethings definitely afoot as this brings the seasons wins total to an unprecedented 4. Even allowing for the fact that we're now in two leagues that's double last years total and we're only 9 games into the season. I'm so happy I could buy a round (pull yourself together man - ed.)


And the game starts with the lads discovering the secret Cotam Hall underground booze stash. Literlly dozens of Archeologists have sought in vain to find this lost treasure trove of the Fylde but the Jollys fall into it 30 seconds after arriving. That's fate for ya !


It's ten minutes later, the Jollys are batting first and the Cottam Hall booze stash is rapidly becoming just a fading memory. So whilst Dave takes care of the book a search party is sent out to look for passing off licences.


Aaron livens up his stint at third Umpire by keeping warm in the traditional sportsmans way. i.e. by indulging in a spot of pocket billiards whilst daydreaming about buxom barmaids.


And with the short boundary being fully exploited the lads are going great guns. But having failed miserably to divine the result using chicken entrails your humble reporter asks the Gods for a sign. As usual they completely ignore his request so he has to make do with this signal instead.


Yowsa ! Despite having only stopped drinking at 7 in the morning Ogs plays a magnificent shot straight to the shortest boundary. Suprisingly enough it's starting to look good for the Jollys again :)


Sadly though the tremendous run rate is not enough to keep Aarons attention as he pauses his umpiring duties to investigate a colony of Weevils. LIttle did ye know that the Jollys are keen entomologists to a man.

And on this note have you ever tried asking a lady if she'd like to come back to your place and look at your ant farm ? you'd be suprised by the results (I think the word you're looking for is "humiliated" - ed.)


Yo dudes just look at the "Rad" graffiti on the once magnificent Cottam Hall pavillion, Now ain't that Hip-hop-tastic ! (shut up grandad - ed.).

The more aware of you will also have noticed that Mark is still in the same place he was in photo 2, the only difference being that he's just opened his 15th bottle of Becks.


Well as usual fielding duties and a lack of willing fans means we were once again unable to bring you any pictures of us in the field.

So we'll end this report with a shot of a Ogs and Tan having a nice natter ("Have you seen the price of eggs today ? It's simply shocking") whilst a Comrade does a spot of low impact "can-can" aerobics in the foreground with Aaron still trying to pot the black in the background.

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