14 May 2005 away to St. Annes IV

Truly excitement peaks and this week sees the Jolly Boys in a flurry of activity. Not only do I get my finger out and actually take some pictures (the excuses about batteries, bad light, broken computers etc. were beginning to wear a bit thin) but Dave unveils his latest invention - a portable "electrick miracle scoreboard" (tm, pat-pending).

So how could we follow his feat of feverish creativity ? Obvious really, we go and pull off a win (actually technically this was a winning draw but it's good enough for us, there'll be many a hangover in the morning on the strength of it)


Dave unveils his secret weapon. A digital scoreboard containing a cunning bit of software which will not allow the oppositions score to beat the Jollys own ! With this miracle of modern technology how can we lose ? this is idiot proof ! (but remember the motto "If you make something idiot proof they'll just design a better idiot" - ed.)


The excitement proves all too much for the Jollys so they sit around boozing as usual. Meanwhile the young St. Annes scorer puts us to shame by, not only spelling everything correctly, but by filling in the book properly using multiple coloured pens (e.g. not only runs and bowling figures but time at the crease, name of catcher etc. etc.)


And in the far off reaches of Stanley Park the game continues at a frantic pace. Actually this is a total lie as the game proceeded at a Snails pace - especially when St. Annes got to bat. Good grief talk about masters of defence... During their innings three passing seagulls died of boredom.


As news of the Jollys innings spreads train loads of eager fans flock to the match. But just look at the state of Virgins service. The drivers not wearing a hat and there's no sign of a buffet car. Honestly, bring back British Rail.


And here's another novel item for y'all to savour - a picture from the occassional "Third Umpire cam". Sadly though this doesn't make it any more exciting as it's just the St. Annes team wandering about looking for loose change.


Another fantastic picture from the "Third Umpire cam" attempts to catch Umpire Jebby in full flow. Sadly however the complete lack of zoom means he's just a vague blur of colour in a pointless picture of a field.


Oh bugger... A mighty four is struck which reveals a small design flaw in Daves, patent pending, "electrick miracle skoreboard". And we told him not to skimp on components but would he listen ?

Ho hum... yet agayne we kum botom of the klass at speeling an grammur.


But just look at this. Playing in the Fylde league definitely has its advantages as there's always tea provided. And splendid teas they are too ! Sandwiches, pop & fairy cakes. Everything that a bunch of fat beer addled cricketers with the eating habits of a swarm of locusts could wish for !

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