8th August 2013 Home To Norcross

Well unfortunately I wasn't at this match as "Carpet" Col and I had gone off to Rebellion to see New Model Army (we simply couldn't miss one of our favourite bands playing a local gig). However we did manage to wave as we went past on the train and, thanks to the lads taking over camera duties, we do at least have some pictures !

Sadly this turns out to be the last league game of the season and by all accounts it was a tremndous performance by the Jollys as some tight bowling sees us restrict Norcross to 78 for 6 off their 16 overs. Following this we batted up a storm and only Will was unlucky enough to lose his wicket (for 23) as we passed the Norcross total after 10.4 overs.

So whilst we can't give much of a report we do at least end the 2013 league competition with a home win !


As he does so often Tom opens the batting. And as he does so often he manages to bat through before retiring on 27.


At the other end Will is playing himself in nicely.


Tom is firig the ball around nicely and the rus are building up nicely for the Jollys..


Will sees one go flying past him and looks to see if there's any chance of sneaking a couple of byes.


And here's one that flew up from the pitch. It's walys "interesting" playing on this wicket.


Hooray for Tom who retires having scored a splendid 27.


With Tom having retired in comes Ian for his final home innings of the season.


Not sure if this was the one that got him out but Will was definitely caught on 23, agonisingly close to retiring !


Danny has just enough time to get in and make a couple of singles.


An Ian manages t hit a few fours to make a quick fire 12.


And that's it as the Jollys hit the winning runs to end the season on a high note.


Special mention must go to Jol who is out for the rest of the season having burst of vein in his right knee sliding in for a single (at a big boys cricket match -ed.).Oh well he's got plenty of time to get fit for next season's antics :)

Score Cards

Click a picture to see a full size image. (n.b. This week the score card images have been composited together from two separate pictures)


Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Jollyboys.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah, It's not too warm, it's going dark early and we're tired out. Bzzzt. Oh well best get out for a bite anyway as this appears to be the last game of the season. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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