25th July 2013 Home To Rushale

Once again we make the short journey down to Cottam Hall to play this seasons home game against Rushale. And what a lovely evening it was with the unexpected British summer still ongoing. Sadly though Rushale are not able to field a full team tonight so take to the wicket with a mere 8 players. So against an enfeebled opposition surely the Jollys should emerge victorious ?

However Rushale start well by wining the toss adn deciding to bat. Despite their lack of numbers, and some good bowling by the Jollys, wickets prove hard to come by and they manage to keep the score ticking along to end their innings with a very creditable 11 for 3 off their 20 oevers.

So after last weeks free scoring affair the Jollys can definitely scent a win. Sadly though things didn't go our way at all as not only did we find it hard to score but wickets kept fallign with appaling regularity. In fact it wasn't until just after the mid point of our overs that we started to get some boundaries.

But try as we might we just weren't able to get the ru rate high enough and we ended ourovers fallign just short finishing with 98 for 7 which means that Rushlae were this weeks worthy winners.

Oh well at least we had the Old Town Hall to look forward to where Rhino livened up the proceedings with an impromptu photo shoot.


Things start badly for the Jollys as tonmight's captain Will loses the toss.


Will opens the bowling and starts by getting his eye in on a few deliveries.


Botheration... The first ball that Will goes for gets a mighty top edge and it flies off into the waiting arms of a grateful fielder.


Luckily Tom had managed to cross so it's his turn to take the strike.


Back on the pavillion Jol is telling everyone how we'd have some runs on the board is he was playing.


Well we've managed to get into the second over without further loss so here's Ian facing his first ball of the innings.


Tom sends another off for a quick single. Unfortunately though he's soon caught after getting a quick 6.


So in comes Danny who's determined to get some runs on the board.


Once again Ian seesm to be seeing the all well. Suprisingly though boundaries are proving to be hard to come by this week and the score is mostly being made from singles with the odd 2 taken when available.


Bah ! just as he looked likely to score a few Dany manages to get an edge to the keeper so returns to the pavillion with 4 to his name.


Knickers. No sooner has Ogs arrived at the crease than he's returning as another top edge sees him caught for 0.


Back on the pavillion the lads are now expecting a full, and traditional, Jollys collapse...


But there was some fight left in the old Jollys as Powelly managed to get the score ticking along with a few well timed boundaries.


Ian has gone for 11 so Dave is now in with Powelly. Ad the pair of them are now hitting some good boundaries.


Powelly comes righ out of his wicket to hit another cracking 4. Thanksfully we've now got some runs on the board and the collapse looks to have been put on hold.


Mr Sun has still got his hat on but there are some lovely light clouds gliding over the action (methinks they'd be cirrus - ed.).


Well Powelly finally went after scoring a splendid 15 so in comes Stu who starts by whisking a lovely 4 off his pads.


Dave is still going strong. His batting is so impressive that even a passig old dog has to stop and take a look !


Stu gets behinmd another one on his way to a splendid 17 (which made him this weeks second top highest scorer - ed.)


Hooray ! Dave has managed to bat throgh and retires having scored dead on 25.


So in comes the tail starting with Baz who gets straight off the mark with a quick single before going on to get 6 not out.


And down at the other end it's your humble scribe who also manages to get off the mark with another unorthodox shot before the innigns comes to a close.


Egad ! Back i Trumpton there is a lovely display of Ducks outside the Old Town Hall. Luckily we hadn't seen them before the game (what a superstitious lot - ed.)

Rhino's Rogues Gallery

Well this week we have a bonus treat as young Rhino decided to take some portriat shots of the squad relaxing in the Old Town Hall.


Tom thinks he's joined a Nu Metal band as he gives us "the horns" (maybe he's simply in the Illuminati ? -ed.)


Baz is shocked to find the price of beer has actually remained constant for over two months now.


Dave gets in on the hand signal action. not sure if this is Crips, Bloods, or "Trumpton Massive" though ?


Tom suddenly realises it's his round and he's just spent the remainder of his money on model helicopters.


Despite probably nerver having heard of him Will does his best Pete Murphy impression.


Stu waits anxiously for the butties to arrive...


Jol is once again reminding us that we would have won if he was playing tonight.


Powelly is beginning to regret lettig Rhino have that last bag of Smarties. There were definitely a lot of blue ones in the last bag.


Danny gets all coy as Jol's told him that Rhino's shooting the squad to put on a dating website.


Ah beer.. One of the Jollyboys most faithful team members (even though most of the squad drink premium German lager -ed.)


Your humble scribe appears to have just sat on his kazoo.


Wheras Baz is getting so hungry he's thinking oeating the camera man !


Frosty gives this weeks episode a thumbs up !


And Rhino finishes proceedings off with a splendid self portrait.


Hooray ! All furter thoughts of tomfoolery are put to one side as Des arrives with another splendid tray of butties !!!

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of Jollyboys.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report:Well suprisingly it was simply too hot for us to get much action this evening. Bzzzt. You humans are alright in this hot weather but us insects need a bit of ambient moisture to keep going. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Oh well at leat we got a few good bites in. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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