16th July 2013 Away At EVH

Another glorious summer's evening sees us make the short trip down to Arnold school where we once again face EVH.

Well once again we win the toss so it's time for a bat. This week we're playing on a real grass wicket and boy does it have some life in it with balls swinging, deviating off the pitch and bouncing up unexpectedly. Despite a bone dry outfield runs are also quite hard to procure this week so despite our best efforts we end our 20 overs having made a mere 80 runs for 8 wickets.

This leaves EVH in a commanding position and we would normally expect to be soundly beaten with such a low total. However EVH start badly as their opener runs himself out going for a crazy 2. After this some splendid bowling, coupled with some tight fielding, sees us steadily taking wickets with EVH just falling behind on the run rate.

So we end up in something of a photo finish as we find EVH with 9 wickets down, needing 8 runs and with 3 overs to go. And today was to be the Jollys day as we take the final wicket without a further run being scored as we end up slightly suprised winners !


Tom gets off the mark with a quick single.


And this week it's "Cockney" Stu who has volunteered to also open.


Unfortunalte Stu is soon caught for 1 so in comes Danny who gets off the mark with a splndid drive.


At the other end Tom is managing to hit a few boundaries so the score is creepig up albeit rather slowly.


Botheration Danny gets one that suddenly deviates off the pitch and his wickets go flying.


In comes POwellys who is this weeks captain. And he starts by flicking one off down leg side for a quick single.


Well it's taken a good few overs but Tom returns to the pavillion having made 25.


So in comes Jol who's looking to get the score moving a bit.


Powelly is doing his best to get things going and manages to get a few boundaries.


Oh dear. Another bit of pitch magic sees Jol bowled for 5. Things are not looking good for a decent score today.


In comes Dave as the last recognised batsman where he starts off by cutting one down leg side for a single.


Back on the boundary the team are not impressed with the run rate.


Sadly Dave was well caught on 4 so Baz takes to the field where he makes a quick 5. As I was getting padded up at the time we missed getting any pictures of Baz but here's your humble scribe managing to get off the mark with a raggy edge.


With Baz having gone for 5 Tony comes in with 4 overs remainig as we make the Jollys last stand. Onve again, despite batting one handed, he shows why he was such a good cricketer by making 5 runs and batting though 3 overs.


Tony was eventually bowled for 5 so Tom returns to the crease with 1 over remaining. But as it's such a rarity here's another action shot of your humble scribe as he gets a thick top edge which lands safely for another single. So we end our innings with a super low score of 80 for 8.


Back at the Old Town Hall there's a rumour that the butties have been cancelled.


Hooray ! It was a vicious rumour as Si once again brings out a splendid selection.


And once again the gannets descend....

Score Cards

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Innings of Jollyboys.


Innings of EVH.

biting_midge_small.gif Midge Report: Bah, we're still waiting for the next home game. Bzzzt. We could do with a bit of rain though as we've nowhere to lay our eggs at the moment. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

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